Busted out
Spring is springing


Kate will land in the UK a month from today! It's going to be a crazy-fast month and there's a lot going on, so I'm making a promise to be easy on myself...

I haven't been stitching much. Now that the weather is getting nicer and there's still so much more daylight left when I get home from work... it's just not happening.


I still watch TV in the evenings, though, so I'm making some progress on my crocheted blanket. I even took a few moments yesterday before the hullaballoo began to finish a row and take a photo.


I hope you had a nice weekend! Here are the highlights of mine:


Jün's top teeth are slowly emerging (aren't they big??)... and there are two more loose on the bottom!


Ali's always saying how much Ginny looks like me when I was little... it looks like she might have the same chin(s) when she's older, too! Haha.


Even without a smile, Malina makes a pretty cute bunny! (She was just.not.having.it!)


Look at the greening up behind Davy!! He's also working on some teeth! And wearing a cute, easy-to-knit sweater (Ravelry link) that I finished when Junah was a babe (it's quick, too, even though it took me a long time!)! So springy!


Here's to a good week! Who else is having egg salad for lunch today!!



Robby H.

Oh my, I remember deviled eggs for a week after Easter. Basically, egg salad is deconstructed deviled eggs, isn't it? LOL


I miss having little ones at Eastertime. Dyeing eggs, finding treasures small enough to go inside the plastic eggs, hiding them. . . So much fun.


Okay, that look on Davey's face is priceless! You have very cute grandkids, I'm glad you all had a good day together!


What a great Easter hullaballoo you had with those so-very-cute grandkids! It's hard for me to think of Kate landing in the UK in just a month. I love that travel is once again a possibility, and even though I'm not going anywhere quite yet, I'm glad you share your family's global adventures with us!


Davy's face cracks me up every time I see it -- he's such a serious guy! Also, I'm pretty sure your blanket has doubled in size every time you share a photo, so I have no doubt it'll be done in no time.


Those faces! I can't believe that it is APRIL!!


Oh those kids! Adorable - all of them. The eggs are so pretty and your blanket is really coming along. Can't believe Kate will be in Scotland in a month!!!


What a lovely weekend ... and whoa, less than a month for Kate - woohoo!!! (Charlie is just now getting his first top tooth in, too, and yes, SO BIG!)


Oh, Vicki! What fun! Your kiddos . . . I just love 'em! (And I love that you share them with us.) It's always so amazing to me, once spring shows up . . . all my "routines" just suddenly change. We eat dinner later and spend a lot less time sitting around and I get busy with all kinds of other things (like gardening, of course). I really do seem to have more energy in the spring -- but not for the same-old-same-old! (And that hexagon blanket is going to be so amazingly awesome.)

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