218 Hexagons...

...make a SQUARE(-ish sort of blanket)! It's basically 15 rows x 15 rows.


Tonight, I'll start the circles for Rows 16 & 17 (I make two rows at a time) and then, maybe by next week, turn them into hexagons when I join them to the blanket. With the holiday and an extra day off, I'm only working two days next week, so maybe a little extra time for the fun stuff!

I thought you might be interested in where I take these blanket photos (until it doesn't fit, anyway).


This is the walkway right off the back porch. I can get some elevation, if needed, by standing on the steps.

(I'm in the market -- taking recommendations -- for a portable pressure washer to clean the porch floor/siding, and deck. The porch is so dusty!) (I pick up herb & veg plants at my CSA farm tomorrow -- planters will soon be filled!)


Then, this morning, Facebook Memories reminded that The Marriage Window was installed one year ago on this day! That sure was a fun little project, and we sure do use that room a lot.





The blanket is looking good, and I love that you showed us how/where you take the pictures! Here's hoping you have some time next week to add to it.


The blanket is really growing. Why not rent a power washer instead of buying one? I never used one that often so always rented one when needed. Love the marriage window framing you and Rusty.

Robby H.

I was also going to recommend renting a power washer. Most of us don't need them often and then you don't have to find a place to store it either.

More importantly, the blanket is looking great. So interesting to see where you've been photographing it, too. I'm still envious of that room you guys added last year. What a treat!


Your blanket is beautiful!

I purchased Home Depot's house brand electric pressure washer more than 20 years ago for about $125. One of the best purchases I've ever made. I used it yearly to pressure wash my deck for several years, then to clean the concrete patio and sidewalks in another house for several years. Haven't used it for the past 5 but plan to pressure wash my deck in yet another house this year. It has enough pressure for cleaning concrete, wooden decks, etc. And it's so much fun to use -- you will start looking for things to clean!


I think pretty soon that blanket is going to outgrow your photo shoot space. It's looking fantastic!


What a perfect spot to grab those blanket-snaps! :-)
We have TWO power washers (one at home; one up north) and we use them frequently at both locations. (They're great for blasting cobwebs and off-season grime.) The brand we have is GreenWorks. They were fairly inexpensive ($125-ish), purchased at Lowes. Tom (who uses them more than me) says they're adequate for around-the-home clean-up jobs, but not for big jobs (like a pre-house paint power wash), and easy to operate. We like having them around whenever we need them. (They'd be perfect for your porch -- and to give Ducky a quick sprucing up!)

Ann Collins

We just had this same discussion regarding our pressure washer. It's electric and the nozzle is more like a pencil rather than a wide brush. It is not adequate to remove the mold that forms on our cement patio (dyed light gold) that forms in the winter here on Morro Bay, CA. It would take hours to remove the mold using our pressure washer. Renting one might be the way to go!

Your blanket is beautiful!


I love the wide angle shot of the blanket in place, it gives me a better idea of your house lay out. I don't know why I thought the pergola was much further from the house but now I see it's rather close. We need a good pressure washer, too, one that can handle the siding that gets moldy on the north side of the house. I hope you'll share your recommendations in a future post.


your blanket is looking gorgeous ... and I can't believe it's been a year since y'all put that window in! it seems like another COVID silver lining that you made that porch so livable!


I can't believe how FAST you are with your crochet project Vicki. It is gorgeous and so colorful. Love that Marriage Window too. I'm attempting to catch up on blogs and you earlier post with a picture of Davy smiling (!!) was wonderful. (I still think he looks adorable scowling though!)

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