Thank you!!
Unraveled Wednesday: It's a wonder I'm not


We celebrated Ginny's 5th birthday yesterday! We had a party, and even a photo session... I nabbed a few, myself, and this is one of my favorites!


Our Ginny girl... how can she already be FIVE??


She's a joy.


And she sure loves her little brother!


Happy Birthday, Ginny Girl!! You are one of a kind, and so special!!




Oh Gin! Happy Happy Birthday. I have no clue how you are suddenly five but I sure have enjoyed seeing you through the years. You are such a ham bone at times!!!! Great choice of pictures Vicki!

Robin F

happy happy birthday Gin! Hope you had fun. Love the pix Vicki!


Happy, Happy Birthday to dear Ginny! I'm not quite sure how she is five already; surely she skipped a couple of years. I hope her next trip around the sun is as special as she is!


She has such personality! I think my favorite photo is the one with the (root) beer -- though her dressing up as Junah is a good one, too. Here's to many more happy birthdays for her!

Margie D.

Ginny has such personality! It is clear to that she is in a happy household, and mostly loves her siblings (which is a wonderful thing!).
I also had to comment because that first baby picture - with the white dress with the little flowers on it - I have things that my mother made me as a child made with that same fabric! I love coincidences like that.
Thanks for sharing your family!


I love these pictures of Ginny in all her various outfits and incarnations! That girl sure has style and spunk!


What a sweetheart ... I just love the joy that emanates from every one of those smiles (yours, too) - happiest of birthdays, sweet Ginny!


I am stunned that Gin is five... how on earth did that happen!!!

Happy Happy Birthday dearest Gin! I love that your nana shares your awesomeness here for us all to see! XO

Susanne Scheurwater

"One of a kind" doesn't even begin to explain that delightful child!!! What a gorgeous array of pictures of that 5 year old. She is 5 going on 45. What a wonderful collage of her personality in pictures.
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Ginny. Can't believe you're 5 years old!!!

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