Y'all, it's been a week

Happy Mother's Day

I was pleasantly surprised last Friday evening to discover a change/addition to my back yard view.


First, I zoomed in.


And then I walked down to take a closer look.


Isn't it perfect???!!!

Kate had found a similar item in a catalog, but the family put their heads/talents together and made one -- with far less money and a lot more heart!

Once installed and after some discussion, it was decided that something was missing, so it was back to the workshop...


And now it's absolute perfection!!!

We also had a fairly last-minute photo session on Sunday as part of our Birthday/Going-away/Mother's Day Extravaganza! These are a few of my quick shots.



  • Ginny's 5th Birthday / Kate's Going Away / Mothers' Day Extravaganza!

Happy Mother's Day!!




Your sign is wonderful! I was okay until I scrolled down to the addition, and got a little teary-eyed at that anchor symbol. I love Ginny's shoes, Davey's expression, and all your terrific grandkids. Happy Mother's day, Vicki!


What a wonderful sign! Great pix of the kids! Davy needs to learn to smile when you take his pic. Although the other 3 smile enough for all of them. Those purple shoes are fabulous, tell Gin I'd like to borrow them. I just got my first pair of purple sandals!


The best parents give their children wings and roots and you and Rusty have obviously done an amazing job at both. Also, Ali has made amazing littles :-)


I love that sign! Especially with the anchor of the entire team added! :) Happy Mother's Day!

Robby H.

I love the addition at the bottom of the sign with the anchor. Perfect!


That sign is the best! And Davey's scowl just slays me.


That sign is amazing! Kudos to the rest of the family for coming up with it!

Caffeine Girl

I absolutely love the new addition to your garden. My kids aren't settled enough yet for me to even think of anything like that.
And the grands -- they look so joyous!


The addition of the anchor is perfect Vicki! And those kids! They always bring a smile to my face. Davy and Jun are so much alike!!!

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