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One good thing about having the Airbnb is...


...that when I order a rug for the Garden Room and it's WAY TOO BIG, I can find a place for it upstairs! (It's all very eclectic, just like the rest of the house.)

I was up there yesterday doing things like putting down new rugs and making beds... oh, that's a funny story. I did all the laundry last week and brought it all upstairs, and the flat sheets for both beds were missing. I spent a few days pondering, looking, trying to remember if they were even in the loads I did. Where could they be??? I randomly found them in a cupboard yesterday, and I'm 99.9% sure that I didn't put them there... so extra load of laundry! Y'know, some people don't bother with a flat sheet when there's a duvet cover and I think that might be what happened. Anyway, I had spares, so it's not like I'd short-sheet anyone, but sheesh, that kind of stuff is crazy-making.


I stopped at the record store the other day and got the replacement needle for the turntable, successfully keeping my bristles down when the salesman's response to my query made it clear that he didn't think I had a clue. I showed him... not only did I have the make & model, but I also had pictures! I also bought a simple cleaning system, so I cleaned & listened to three albums yesterday -- Farewell to the First Golden Era by The Mamas & The Papas, The Age of Aquarius by The 5th Dimension (the first album I ever called my own), and Innervisions by Stevie Wonder. Turns out it's Stevie's 71st birthday today! Oh, I remember his run of Grammy-winning albums in the '70s, and I owned most if not all of them. The sleeve from the record I played yesterday has my ca. 1973 signature on it.

In other news, the stumps have finally been ground out and...


I'm not sure what to do there now... not certain that my vague plan is a good one. Tops on Rusty's To-Do List is making an enclosure to hide the ugly trash & recycling receptacles that were formerly mostly hidden by a big tree trunk. Anyway, it sure looks different.




For a while we didn't use a flat sheet with our duvet and then a few years ago I said, time to be grown ups and make the bed properly! I love the rug, it looks great under the bed.


Hi Vicki,
Age of Aquarius was my first album too! That and Beatles' Hard Day Night were on constant "rotation" in our family room. :)

My kids and their friends never use the flat sheet! It's so weird!!

And that rug looks great :)


That rug looks like it was ordered for that space! Thanks for the album memories; I'm going to have The Age of Aquarius playing in my mind for the rest of tonight!


I love that rug! It looks perfect there! Good luck finding a way to hide those bins!


The Air B&B room looks beautiful - love the rug. I had completely forgotten about Innervisions - I listened to that on repeat SO MUCH!


I don't know if I'll ever be in your neck of the woods, but if I am, your AirBnB is on top of my list -- it looks so cozy! And thanks for the earworm -- I'm going to have "The Age of Aquarius" in my head all day now!


I love your little apartment, Vicki. It's so welcoming and inviting and perfect! (I love that rug.) I held on to my old turntable/stereo equipment and a HUGE vinyl collection for "all time" -- until Brian scooped it all up a couple of years ago. He was thrilled to have all those "first press" albums! (Tom and I laughed and laughed. First press? We just bought 'em when they came out . . .) So much fun. XO


Great music taste. I saw the Fifth Dimention in concert in a small venue-we were in the 2nd row. They were fabulous. The new rug is so pretty and the apartment is looking welcoming as always. Did Katie arrive safely?

Caffeine Girl

I love your eclectic decorating style. That rug is gorgeous!
We have some shrubs that need to be taken down and ground up. My husband is dragging his feet, however.


That Airbnb space looks so inviting! and I love the new opened-up view of your house. I'm sure it looks empty to you, but the house sure shines!


Great rug. It looks like you ordered it for that space. Your house looks so happy now that it isn't hidden behind the trees. I had a collection of 45's but my first album was Rubber Soul. Unfortunately all my vinyl was distroyed in a flood.

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