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Unraveled Wednesday: It's a wonder I'm not

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share...

CROCHETI'm still devoted to my crocheted blanket, even if it's a little slower going these days.

READING: I finally finished The Midnight Library... having sped up the audio to 1.5! Ugh. It wasn't awful, but it did seem to go on and on and on with this life and that life and another life, not to mention the root life. I have about 50 pages to go in An American Quilt: Unfolding A Story of Family & Slavery... I do occasionally speed read my actual books, too, do you?


OMG, you would not believe what's all been going on around here. In approximate order...

There's been a lot of weird activity next door over the past few weeks or so. The current owner has been there for 12 years, having moved in with her three kids when the youngest was just about in kindergarten... and is now in college. The eldest skedaddled ASAP after high school and I haven't personally seen him since. The middle child, who we call "NOT LAZY" for reasons of his own making (and, uh, as you might expect, is truly the laziest SOB you'll ever meet) was recently engaged and it's obvious that he's been (slowly... one might even think lazily) moving out. The recent random occasional appearance of vans from a remodeling/renovating company, also a BIG van from a moving company, increased action over the weekend, Rusty's social media "friendship" with Not Lazy, and his chance run-in with the youngest on Sunday night... all led to learning that she sold the house and THEY'RE ALL MOVING OUT!!

(I think she called one of those "We Buy Houses 123-456-7890" numbers.)

Anyway, that's a whole lot to process... right next door!

_ _ _ _ _

Meanwhile, it's an actual category: Ann's New House!


Just over a week ago, Annie sent me a listing for a house in my neighborhood, and a week ago last Sunday Rusty & I walked over to check it out... walk around, look at the foundation, etc. Rusty happened to try the back door, which was held shut with a bungee cord... "Hello! Anyone home?" Well, of course there wasn't. So we gave ourselves a quick little unencumbered tour. (So quick that he forgot to re-bungee the door and had to go back later.) It's old, has had some systems updates, but hasn't really been touched much in many years... and even with all that, was a million times better than the first property she asked me to check out. After our tour, I did some research. Turns out, the house belonged to a 92yo woman who died a couple of years ago; she was born in that house, lived there for her entire life, and died there per her wishes. I remember that there was an amazing flower garden in the back yard quite a few years ago, the footprint is still visible.

Anyway, official showings didn't begin until Friday and bids were going to be opened on Monday. I went over on Friday afternoon with an electrician, and met her remodeler guy, to look things over. Ann put in her offer... and wrote a nice letter. And on Monday night she texted that they got the house! She didn't have the highest offer, but the letter clinched it for her. There's a ton of work to be done, and I'm thankful that she'll be here in June/July to oversee things (if it's even closed by then).


They sent Ann this photo of the house from many years ago... the fancy stuff, including the porch, is long gone/changed, but...

Pic-of-original-porch---Dixon's the same with mine. The similarities are striking! I believe my house is just a few years older than hers.

My sister is going to be my occasional few-blocks-away neighbor (closer even than my mom was)!

And I think, holy cow, she could have been my literal NEIGHBOR!

_ _ _ _ _

I had an extremely overdue re-re-rescheduled hair appointment early yesterday morning. Canceled 14 months ago, I put it off for quite a while even when they reopened, but eventually made a date. Then had to cancel because of a work schedule conflict. So I rescheduled and had to cancel that because of the opportunity to get the Pfizer jab. The new date turned out to be the morning of Kate's departure, but I just couldn't cancel again (for fear of being banned for life).


This is the before pic, but the after isn't much different -- trimmed an inch, smoother, and it smells so nice -- I just couldn't handle anything drastic yesterday!! Haha.

_ _ _ _ _

Kate's rapid test for Covid was negative on Monday, which set the ball rolling for final departure prep! It's been very relaxed and measured... paring down, moving things around, making plans, and yesterday was no different. She drove Rusty & I down to the airport in Milwaukee yesterday, with one last stop at Culver's for lunch, to drop herself off... NEW ADVENTURES AWAIT IN EDINBURGH (AND THE GREATER UK). She arrived in London early this morning (our time), caught a cab to the train station, and is currently on the train to Edinburgh where she'll self-isolate at an Airbnb for the next 10 days, and then... stay tuned.

_ _ _ _ _





I think you deserve to set a little time aside for some unraveling. So much going on in LIFE! How do people move out on the spur of the moment? Crazy, but I hope your new next door neighbors are likeable. And Ann's house is incredible! I love the kitchen and am very glad she'll be your nearby neighbor. I got my hair cut last week and went much shorter than I had planned but I keep telling myself it will grow back. All the best to Kate in Edinburgh (and you with another daughter far away). I truly hope that this year can be the year of visiting far-flung kids!


Hang in there. Sending vibes of calm, strength, whatever you need. . .


Whew!!!!! What a shit-load of stuff going on. So much of it good (Ann as a neighbor!!) and so much emotional (Kate moving across the pond). Oh my! I need/want to make a hair appt. Mine is almost as long as yours (almost to my waist), and I'm thinking (pondering) going to shoulder length!! Stay tuned (but it may take me awhile to get up the courage).

Robby H.

Whew! Wishing you wonderful new neighbors next door. How nice that Ann will be so close after being so far away so often! I think that means some good time to spend with her boys before they set off into the world, too. Best to Kate in her new adventure.


You've got a LOT going on, my friend. I hope that having Annie close by when she's around will take the sting out of missing your girls. Your hair is so long, I love the way it looks but I'm guessing it takes for-ev-er to dry and that's always my pet peeve when my hair is extra long.


That train ride from London to Edinburgh is the most glorious train ride on earth! I am with Vera.. my hair is so stinking long (not as long as yours mind you, but long) and I am trying to screw up the courage to go get a cut! I am thinking much shorter too!

I love this whirlwind post! And YAY Ann!

Julia in KW

Wow! Life has been busy in your neck of the woods! Exciting stuff for all!


Whew! So much going on in your life. Take good care.


I think you need to take a long weekend to recover from all that excitement! I am glad Kate's departure went smoothly and look forward to hearing more about her adventures in Scotland. And I'm excited to see how the new (old) house gets transformed!


Holy moly, Vicki. You are (and I quote the movie Bull Durham here) "dealing with a lot of shit!" First, I've been thinking of you all, with Kate's departure and related prep, and holding you in my heart, especially. I'm excited for Kate, because I know this is something she's dreamed of doing for a long time. But . . . so far away. I wish her the very best of everything in Edinburgh. And Ann . . . living so close (some of the time)!!! How exciting is that!!!!! You've got a lot of balls in the air, my friend. I hope you can give yourself time to catch a few and put your feet up for awhile. . . XO


Time for a deep breath. Your world is spinning in so many directions. I hope Kate finds all she is looking for in Scotland. I see home remodeling in your future, to help Ann. Will she use it as an AirBNB when she is not in the country? Time to relax with with some stitchery.


So happy to be catching up here! So many exciting and for certain exhausting thing. Wishing Kate all the best and that blanket must bring you so much joy when you sit down with it. And your sister nearby - well that just brings tears of joy to my eyes Vicki!


crying real tears ... happy ones (omg - that house is gonna be amazing for Ann and her family). and those and all the other ones for a kiddo moving so far away. xoxoxo.

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