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Whew! Saturday was busy, starting with a trip out to Ali's to watch the kiddos for a few hours.


Guess who's crawling?? He's already trying to pull himself up and get on his feet, so maybe we have an early walker on our hands! He's fittingly wearing the KEEP CALM AND CALL GRANDMA shirt.

Before Rod left, he hooked up Ducky for me to haul home.


I have an appointment on Wednesday for new tires. There was very little sign of mouse activity during storage, which was pretty awesome since I discovered that Kate never opened the pouches that contained the mouse-repelling sachets... she must have thought that the pouches were the thing!


Our across-the-street neighbors offered to let us park it in an empty spot next to their garage, so here's my new view backing out of the driveway. The only camping trip actually on the books is way off in September, but hopefully I can fit a few quick trips in... available campsites are tough to find, though! My best bet is probably to think "mid-week getaway."

On Saturday afternoon we all got together for a video chat!


I'm stealing Kate's image from her IG story, but how great is that?? It was super chaotic (it's clear that Davy needs his own phone!) but so fun! All the folks in the US/Wisconsin are on the left, on the right are Kate in Scotland, Annie in Peru, and Maddy it Australia. Ann's time & ours is the same right now, but Maddy joined us upon waking (on Sunday morning, for her) and Kate was heading straight to bed!

I was up late on Saturday, watching TV and crocheting... late enough to pop out just before midnight to see the ISS (always a thrill). I also noticed a long string of lights crossing the sky and wasn't sure what it was, but learned yesterday that they are Starlink satellites, part of the SpaceX program. You can track them yourself!

So I took it pretty easy yesterday, outside of a little laundry and giving Rusty a haircut, and also took a nap! Quite shy of "pampering," I even soaked my feet and read my book for a while. I wouldn't have guessed that I'd be so into Shuggie Bain, but I'm really enjoying the alternating reading/listening and I'm zipping right along.




I LOVE that photo of your family chat so much! We were fortunate to have our family chat all in person on Saturday (save the niece who lives in Nashville). It never ceases to amaze me that almost all of my family lives close enough to gather for a cookout. That will be changing this summer - my nephew is planning to move back to DC for in-person work. I started Shuggie Bain on Saturday (I'm listening) and thought it would be long-ish read ... now I'm thinking I'll finish before Bingo season officially begins!


Davy crawling and getting Ducky ready for an outing are wonderful, but your family wins the prize with a four-continent video chat! I'm so glad that you can all get together (and glad that you're enjoying Shuggie Bain)!


FOUR continents! That's impressive and I applaud your intrepid world travelers! You must be glad to have Ducky back and those new tires are a smart idea - some day I'll write about our trip to Gettysburg and the flat tire we got on our trailer while on the New York Freeway. Ugh!


It's pretty amazing that you can find a time to talk that's convenient (enough) for all of you -- hooray for technology making such a thing possible!


All the joy on your faces! It is so lovely to see! (and crawling!! oh my!)


Seeing the StarLink is almost like seeing something extraterrestrial! I was glad I was looking for it when I saw it or I might have been a bit frightened by it. So glad you were able to view it. And your daughters as well.


Isn't the Starlink cool???? There is a lunar eclipse (and a super moon) tonight -- although we won't be able to really see it in the Eastern time zones. You may luck out, being slightly more West than me, but it's not expected to be a good show for the entire Midwest. Anyway. . . it'll still be an awesome, big ol' full moon!

I love your whole-family-spread-all-around-the-world phone call! So great. And that Davy! He wants to keep up with his sibs, doesn't he???? So glad you're enjoying Shuggie Bain! It's a good one. XO

Margene Smith

So awesome to see you can connect all four continents and happily chat. Your family is amazing. Davey could take right over the show. He's such a doll. Ducky looks like a wonderful way to get a quick getaway and enjoy time to relax in nature. xox


Davy is almost smiling while crawling. You must be great at maneuvering Ducky to park so well in that spot. The family montage is wonderful. I'm going to try to view Starlink.

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