Unraveled Wednesday: It's a wonder I'm not
Happy Mother's Day

Y'all, it's been a week

I forgot to mention that, on top of everything else going on, our most recent Airbnb guests departed on Sunday. They originally booked for a month beginning the end of December, but extended to the end of January, then February, then March, and finally April + a couple of days! They were amazing, but it was really weird to have people in our "short-term rental" for that long. I have new guests arriving a week from tomorrow, so I have a lot of cleaning & prep to do, but I'm not really worrying about any of that right now!

I'm taking it easy. Cracking a beer or making a drink when I get home from work. Relaxing on the pergola or porch. Crocheting...


I finished another row last night, and the next one is ready to go! I haven't run into any weird ones in a while, so I guess I've figured it all out and learned how to properly count.

I love it so much.




It has been quite a week for you, and you deserve that beer/drink/relaxing/crocheting. Hopefully, next week will have slightly less "stuff" to contend with!


I love the image of you cracking a beer and sitting under the pergola with your blanket.

Robby H.

Quite a week you've had. And it's the time of year where you can unfurl that blanket while you work in the evening, if you need. It's almost the weekend!


Wow! 4 month guests!!! You must really be a super host Vicki!!! Fletch and I have enjoyed sitting on the patio at the end of the day/before dinner a few times...but we've also had such windy weather or cold (hello roller coaster weather) days that are not pleasant. today is bright and sunny, but there is a nip in the air and it is windy again. I do love your crochet...I need/want to get back to my Granny Squares! So many things I want to do...I need more hours in the days.


The white sire beings that blanket into the 21st century! It's so pretty.


That blanket is coming right along! And wow... long term guests are best! (I hope the cleaning is quick and easy!)


I continue to be amazed by how quickly (and amazingly) that blanket is coming together! I also hope those long-term guests gave you an amazing review. They must've really liked the place to have been comfortable staying for so long!


You totally deserve to be cracking open a COUPLE of beers, Vicki. XO
(I am so in love with that blanket.)


They stayed so long they must have had to buy clothes! Your hexies are looking GOOD!
Bloody marys are my drink of choice! Has Kate arrived safely?

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