Auntie Camp 2021, Part 1
July already?

Auntie Camp 2021, Part 2

The tie-dye parade continues with Mack's creations!


The two above are for his dad. The top one was kind of scrunched/gathered on the diagonal and sectioned off for dye application. The bottom one was swirled, of course. The yellow seems especially vibrant this year!

I should mention that we used Dharma Trading Co.'s Fiber Reactive Dyes, as always. I purchased Dharma's Little Group Kit a few years ago and we're still working with that, plus some extras. In the past, I've ordered some of their dyeable clothing, too, and also indigo. I have been extremely pleased with it all! This year, I purchased & pre-washed a variety of t-shirts -- all were 100% cotton, but there were a few different brands and I think there are subtle differences in how they took the dye.

Our colors were: Fuchsia, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise, Deep Purple, and Cobalt Blue.


This kind of "minimal swirl" is for his mom. I didn't turn it over, but I think it might be a bit more saturated with dye on the back!


These two are Mack's size. The one on top is his attempt at "crystal wash," and the bottom one was a pleated from the bottom to about the armpits and then rolled.

He used a lot more dye for his "crystal wash" shirt than Addie did, and also used more of the dark colors. I just love all the variations & differences!


The top shirt, above, with the patriotic feel is for Junah, and the lower one with the swirl was also intended for him... but more likely Ginny's size!


This is Ginny's tie-dye tank a la Mack...


...and this is Malina's. Malina ended up with two very vibrant, saturated shirts... they were so tiny, it was difficult to go "light"!

Similar to how Addie's shirt for Malina reminded me of the northern lights, Mack's "crystal wash" shirt gives me a very "nebula" feeling.


I feel like I could get lost in there!

There's another whole batch of shirts for Junah, Ginny & Malina to make for their mom & dad, Mack & Addie, and for themselves! I'm not sure I'd have been able to keep up if they'd all done it together. (My hair sort of stands on end just thinking about that!) I'm not sure it'll work out, but I think it would be super fun for the boys to be "camp counselors" at Nona Camp... if not this year, then definitely next!

I've already had a request for socks & other types of clothing/items for next year! You might have noticed that there wasn't anything for Davey in the boys' piles... lordy, can you imagine the number of tie-dye hand-me-downs that boy will already be subjected to??!!!




These are all so beautiful, vibrant, and varied! I hadn't thought about Davey's tie-dyed hand-me-downs, but your whole family will definitely have the best tie-dye wardrobe around!

Helen Mathey-Horn

The middle school I last taught at had the eight graders have a 'graduation' but come back for one more day. The 7th and 6th graders were still busy with classes/end of year stuff, so the 8th grade teachers came up with several activities (according to what the teacher was willing to do/supervise) and let the kids sign up (earlier in the week) for the ones they were interested. Generally two teachers would combine/work together. And we had 3 sessions of 1.5 hour each. The other science teacher and I decided the first year that we would do tie-dye. We had labs, water, space, flat tables and it was 'sciency'. Oh my goodness, busy, but fun. We did limit the number of students a session. Had labels for their shirts (they all look the same in the fixer bath) and a plastic ziplocks for the shirt(etc) to go home in with final instructions printed on a label on the bag on how to rinse etc after 24 hours. Kids were asked to provide their own shirts, socks, whatever as long as they were 100% cotton. For as messy as it could have been it worked out very well.


Another great and fun bunch of shirts Vicki! It's almost like the kids' personalities come out in the shirts. And, like you, I could stare at some of those shirts and get lost - another kind of rabbit hole! These kids - all of them - are going to have (and already have) such fun memories.


Another wonderful camp experience! You are imprinting on their memories. Some day in the future when they pull a shirt from the back of a drawer, they will think back on the fun they had with you!


That last photo is my favorite -- I love all the saturated colors together, and it totally does remind me of a nebula!


Gorgeous, Vicki! Inspiring as well! :) Thanks for the Dharma links!


This is so much fun, Vicki - thank you for sharing both boys' creations! I love that they make for others and seeing how their different styles are starting to come through. Do any of the previous years' creations fit Davey yet?!


I love to see how many different designs/techniques the boys use for their shirts. They look terrific! And you . . . are just a saint . . . for even attempting a project of this scope with the little ones! I know you've done it before with great success, but as Erin and I were doing our own tie-dying last week, I kept thinking "How does Vicki do this with the little kiddos?????" You are Grandma (and Aunt) Extraordinaire! XOXO


So cute! I love the swirly ones.

The 60s are back in full force with these tees.

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