218 Hexagons...


It's a whirlwind! Kids, work, business & banking, planting stuff, building LEGO monster trucks, laundry, cleaning, crocheting... y'know, the usual, but with temps ramping up & stuff.


Tomorrow afternoon, I welcome what will no doubt be my favorite Airbnb guests EVER! I'm even picking them up at the airport and providing a car for the duration of their Stateside visit... their first since Christmas 2019. I'm so excited to see & hug my sister Ann & her family!! I know that Mack & Addie will have grown, teens that they are, but I think it's going to be SHOCKING nonetheless. Voice changes, too. First order of business will be getting vaccinations going, and also high on the list is Mack taking the test for his Temps! As in driver's license. GAH!!!




Enjoy Ann and family's visit! It's obvious how much you love seeing them.


That is wonderful! Enjoy these VIP and grownup guests!

Julia in KW

How exciting for you! I am going to get to see my sister in a week for the first time in a long time! And my dad the weekend after that! To say I am excited is an understatement! Enjoy!


I'm so happy for you that Ann and fam are visiting!


I am so excited for you! I hope you all have a wonderful visit!


What joy that Ann and everyone are going to be there! CLOSE!! Enjoy every moment! XO


Yay for family visit. Lots of hugs and laughter. If you love Legos have you seen the new Season of LEGO masters? So fun.


I am beyond excited for y'all to get to see each other for so long ... and be so close ... and yay for vaccines (and maybe also for learner's permits?! yikes!)

Robby H.

Hope you all have a delightful visit. And yay for vaccinations!


Oh what happy times there will be! And how did those boys suddenly become teenagers??? How wonderful that they can all come stateside and stay with you!!! ENJOY

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