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Unraveled Wednesday

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers...



It's growing... but these are busy days! There have been a few evenings of late when I didn't even lift my hook. I've just started joining the two rows worth of circles that I have ready, and added a couple of hexagons last night while the boys & I watched S2E2 of LEGO MASTERS... wherein stuff was blown up with glitter, dust, water or slime. Yeah. It was great!


No one was more surprised than me that I finished Shuggie Bain in time for last night's group discussion! I found it to be a very compelling read, and it was especially enjoyable to alternate listening & reading. (I loved the narrator's voice, and kept thinking that he sounded like a mash-up of Alan Cumming and Sean Connery!) Now I'm back to An American Quilt: Unfolding A Story of Family & Slavery, thinking/hoping that we'll be returning to the quilt in the last 30+/- pages. I've also begun listening to Sinéad O'Connor read her memoir, Rememberings




I do love seeing your crochet blanket as you progress! It's fun to look at the hexagons that pop, the colors you've used, and search for patterns. Do you have any edging plans?


That blanket is so fun, I really love seeing your progress each time you post a photo. I'm so glad you finished Shuggie in time to discuss it with us.


Your hexagon blanket is just the best. I keep saying (and I promise soon) I need to get back to my Granny Squares. AND I need to figure out how to join them...I've never done that. I could get bored...


I'm amazed you have time for any reading and crafting right now! I remember loving my crocheted afghans last summer when the boys were here so much - it was a great project to pick up, put down, and just chillax with.


I haven't tired yet of seeing your blanket, but I think we're going to need a baby on it for scale soon. Have one of those handy?


I love that blanket! It is just gorgeous! I have been seeing so much more crochet in the moments that I scroll through IG. It is just so happy!

I am glad you finished Shuggie as well... thank you for sharing! XO

Robin F

That blanket is growing beautifully. I loved the new episode of Lego Masters. I agreed with their choice of elimination.

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