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21 in 21: Part 2

21 in 21: Part 1

Rusty & I were in Madison for a couple of days. The main event was Ann & Brian's 20+1 wedding anniversary party on Sunday, which was originally a 20th celebration planned for last year.

Y'know, I usually stay at an Airbnb when we're out of town, but I found a great hotel only two blocks from the venue!

Turns out, it was a REALLY GREAT HOTEL! Hotel Indigo on E. Washington in Madison, much of it in the former Mautz Paint Factory... and they know how to run with a theme!


The reception counter held a wonderful display of artifacts -- from office to advertising to mixing & painting.

Ann, Brian & their friend Emily met us for drinks & apps at Palette Bar & Grill in the hotel on Saturday night, which was also amazing in every way -- great food & drinks, terrific service, and very reasonably priced.


Delightful, painterly decor at every turn.


Rusty has wielded a paintbrush or two (he used to help his grandpa) and he said there were some pretty great old brushes in that display. I love how the lighting makes it look like there's paint dripping from some of them. The "dripping" mirror was in our room.




Wow, what a great hotel. I love the painterly details.
I lived in Madison for two years and really liked the town. Maybe now that travel is back on the market I should take a trip and see how it's changed in (gulp!) 46 years. Thanks for the inspiration. Glad you had a good time.


That looks like a really fun hotel!


What a great place! All the interesting colorful and painterly details makes it look like it was the perfect place for you and Rust!


What a fascinating place! I love all the incredible details you have shared! (and I am looking forward to part II)


Whoever was in charge of decorating that hotel did an A+ job -- such fun!


Oh, that looks like a GREAT place to stay! Perfect in every way! :-)


What a fun place!!! Love the dripping mirror.


I haven't been to Madison in years. My daughter worked there after college2004-06. That restaurant sounds wonderful. Loved the pix. Congrats to Ann and Brian.

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