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3TT: Tie dye finale!

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday... 

While I photographed all of the kiddos' tie-dyed shirts, I get a case of blogger's block when I think of formatting & posting all of those photos like I did with Mack's & Addie's! I'll make it easy, though, and embed the Instagram posts here... and it just so happens that I have three posts to share!

No. 1 - Malina's (with a little help from her sibs & Nona):

No. 2 - Ginny's:

No. 3 - Junah's:

They did so great and had so much fun!!

Apparently, tie-dyeing 40+ shirts in a two-week timeframe with kids ranging from 3 to 16 kind of knocks me off my game! Lordy, it's been a busy month and a half -- even without all that!




These really look like so much fun, and you're not the only one who seems to be doing it -- it really seems like tie-dye is having a resurgence lately!


I'm so glad you shared all the finished tee's - they're so much fun! (and the ad that appeared just above this box is for graphic t-shirts ... and one of them says "a day without wine is like just kidding I have no idea" and I LOVE THAT!)


They all turned out great! I can't believe how many you all made!!


These are really awesome! I'm impressed with the mad tie-dye skillz of you and your grandkids!


The kids always love camp with you! Want to adopt me?

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