Auntie Camp 2021, Part 2
3TT: Tie dye finale!

July already?

June was really great, for the most part! I think my head is still spinning, though!

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I made the mistake of deleting all the backed-up photos from my camera the other day, which meant that I had to re-download a bunch of photos & videos to include in my 1 Second Everyday video for the month. Ugh! I've done that at least once before and it's a pain... you'd think I'd have learned.

The month ended with some pretty shitty news/family drama regarding my dad. It's been a strained relationship for most of my life, with some OK parts, but eventually degradation led to estrangement, which doesn't even matter now because his Alzheimer's is so bad that he doesn't recognize anyone. Distance (in every definition of the word) complicates things, as do other strained relationships, but at least he's physically safe and being cared for now.

The month also ended with a wonderful family video chat -- Kate from her new digs in Edinburgh, Maddy from their place in Orange NSW, Rusty from the California coast (literally, he was showing us the waves), and Ali from our back yard, while I sat in the Garden Room.




I'm sorry to hear about the shitty news and attendant family drama, but sometimes physically safe and cared for are all that can be done. Sending you all good wishes and enjoy your video chats from all corners of the globe!


I know from things you've shared that your relationship with your father has been a complicated one. I'm sorry you've had to deal with shitty news and drama, though. And the photos - ugh - stuff like that makes me crazy when I do it.

Robby H.

Sounds like you have some really splendid family things to help offset the other. Still hard, but having people that love and support you makes a world of difference. OMG, I can totally see me doing exactly what you did with those photos. Ugh! Meanwhile, it looks like you packed as much as legally allowed into June.


Shitty news aside, it seems like it was a pretty cool month Vicki. I am sorry about your Father and the family drama. I love that you all can hook up for video chats from EVERYWHERE!!!


ugh about your dad, and the photos ... and I'm so happy you were able to end on good note - how wonderful to have the technology to stay connected and see each others faces when you're literally far apart, but figuratively so close together. Here's to July (and less drama)!


Oh boy... I am sending you all the love for the fam-damn-ily drama. Having had two absolutely miserable parents, I get the pain all that causes... the re-opening of old wounds. (and not having your loved family close must make it even harder... but thank goodness for technology!)

I am hoping that you have a weekend full of those glorious grands of yours! May they be a balm to your spirit with their smiling faces!!


I'm sorry about the bad news, but it sounds like there was plenty of good family news to balance it out!


I'm so sorry about the dad-drama, Vicki. Things are so complicated sometimes . . . and then dementia makes them even more so. I'm sending you a virtual hug or two, and all the good juju. I'm so glad for long-distance connecting options -- and especially when your family is spread all over the world! I hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. XO


Ups and downs- hopefully the up times win for memories. Hugs for you. How are the grandies?
Happy 4th of July.

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