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After a bit of an absence, a post such as yesterday's 3TT is a great way to jump right back in, and today I'll continue with a little bit o' random.

Ann & her family vacated the Airbnb almost three weeks ago already, and I've had two other guests since then. They returned for an overnight last week so Mack could take his last behind-the-wheel driving lesson -- now he has to wait to take the final test when he's eligible/they return in December! So crazy. Anyway, it worked out great to utilize the couch and an additional air mattress, along with the upstairs bedroom... I wouldn't want to do that long-term, but it's fine for an overnight. I can't believe Ann will be back to work in Lima a week from today! The boys will be around (mostly Madison) for another couple of weeks, though, as they're still off of school. I'll see them all prior to departure for an overnight, as they have crack-of-dawn flights out of Appleton.

I don't think I ever showed the engineer's print I had made at Parabo Press.


I'd been wanting to do something like this for a while, and their visit/residency spurred me on. They're all photos from our 2019 trip to Spain & England, pretty much in order, and I put it in the Airbnb for their stay.


A cool poster of Valencia is hanging in the second bedroom up there, visible through the doorway. It was so fun to do, and while I don't intend to leave it up there forever... I am going to leave it for a little while. There's a lot of travel-related stuff up there and it just fits!

Parabo has a lot of great stuff, from prints of all sizes to photo books to calendars -- I've made so many personalized gift calendars, I can hardly count! If you've never used Parabo Press before, you can use referral code AHMKGG to receive $10 off your first order (and I get $10, too!). They have a lot of pretty great promotions throughout the year.

And speaking of prints, a few months ago I was remembering how much I loved going through photos & albums at Grandma's when I was a kid... there's nothing like holding them in your hands! So I decided to take Google Photo up on their monthly print service. I choose & receive 10 prints each month -- my photos are already automatically backed up there (so no uploading or downloading) and they send me a reminder email, so it's super simple, plus I can do simple edits if needed. There are other services that offer free photos each month, but I really like the quality of these and the limit actually makes it easier. Pick 10 photos. Every month. No prob.




That engineer's print is a great way to showcase your favorite photos from your trips and I think travel related décor is perfect for an Airbnb. I also agree on the joy of looking at actual photos and not images on a screen, sounds like you have a great plan in place to handle that simpley.


Ooo! That print is just perfect! That gives me some great ideas for images to put together to send to each of the kids! Thank you!


What a wonderful poster for the family to enjoy. AI have google photo-I'll have to check out the options. Thanks for sharing. I'll also check out Parabo.

Robby H.

I learned all kinds of great photo stuff today. I'm more of a live in the moment person, but I can see gathering photos to make something for my parents who really love having pictures in hand.


That print is fantastic -- I'm sure your family loved seeing some personalized "art" on the wall for their visit and it made the space feel really homey to them!


Your post today (filled with so much good stuff) was just what I need right now . . . as I'm up to my elbows in my huge family photo digitization project and was just thinking about how to print some photo books and maybe start a photo printing service. Such perfect timing . . . :-D


Oh Vicki, that print with the travel photos is so awesome! and discount code noted - maybe the perfect push to get me to try something like that myself. Thank you!

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