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Mail call!

I received two parcels from Edinburgh in the past week!

One was my long-awaited (and, I feared, lost forever) order from Ysolda's final merch sale.

The other was from Kate!


In addition to soap (two bars, one of which was for Ali) and yarn, there were some cards, including an anniversary card for Ann & Brian. It arrived the day before Annie left, so perfect timing!

Here's my card:


Here's the Glaswegian Dictionary if you need it. haha!


And the back. Do you look at the backs of cards that you receive?

Anyway, here's the exciting bit!


It is Pentland Skeins' Aran Jacob from Travelling Basket.

Where to begin. Kate has known the couple behind Travelling Basket (@travellingbasket) for quite a while. They are Nathalie Holbrook (@aspenflorals_) and photographer Jacek Hübner (@jacekhubner) and, let me tell you, you can get beautifully lost for a long, long time on those & associated accounts. The Travelling Basket has a lovely brick & mortar shop that is On.My.List of places to visit when we can finally get over there.


Anyway, the yarn is from sheep raised in the Pentlands (on the outskirts of Edinburgh). The sheep are wards of Nathalie's sister (a shepherdess!), and the wool is spun at a mill in The Borders! Isn't it lovely?

I'm thinking Antler Mittens (Rav link) from Tin Can Knits.

And I'm sure happy to be staring down the end of this work week! I work four days just like any other week, but the ones with Monday off instead of the usual Wednesday (or Friday) always seem soooo loooonnnnggg. (Two more coming up next month.) I'm looking forward to sleeping in on the weekend. The days will be busy, as there will be deliveries at Ann's house (they've already begun!) and I have my own Airbnb to ready for EAA guests arriving on Monday.

I hope you have a great weekend!




I do look at the back of cards, but they're not often as funny as that one! Getting a package from overseas feels like a present no matter what, even if there isn't anything particularly exciting inside, but it's always extra special to get something fibery from across the pond. Enjoy that gorgeous yarn!


I always look at the back of cards, too. There's often some good, interesting information there.

I'm a big fan of Tin Can Knits, but too big a coward to try many of the designs.


This is just all so much fun! That card! Too cute! But that yarn... oh my, it just looks so knitable!!


I love reading the backs of cards, you never know what you'll find. Antler Mitts are so fun looking. Is the yarn as soft as it looks?


What a great mail day!!! oh yes, I always read the backs of cards ... and that one made me smile (I'm not sure I'd ever have the nerve to try haggis ... I couldn't eat scrapple when we lived in NJ, either). I'm looking very forward to your trip to Scotland since it appears I'll be traveling vicariously for the next bit ... I might need to add a bookshop to your yarn shoppe itinerary!


Packages are always fun and from abroad even more fun! I do always look at the back of cards. The yarn looks wonderful. I made an Antler hat for Colin for Christmas and it was fun to knit (and it fits!!). I'm thinking no haggis for moi!

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