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Scenes from a weekend

Beach day!

Ali's extended more than one invitation over the past couple of weeks for us to join them at the beach... it's been crazy-busy around here, as you know, so we've declined. (Rusty is working on some painting projects/commissions that also have deadlines.)


But yesterday, we said YES!! It helped that it was a bit more planned and a lot less spontaneous. (I love spontaneous, though, and I'm usually pretty good at it!)

We arrived at Nashotah Beach on the Lake Michigan shore at mid-afternoon and... it was wonderful. The kids made friends, ate snacks, played in the sand & water.


Rusty did, too. This is one of my favorite photos of the day!




what a fun thing to be able to say "yes" to! it still amazes me how that lake looks like an ocean.


Those are some adorable beach babies (some of them are not really babies, but adorable all the same)!


Everyone needs a beach break now and then. Glad you got to spend yours with your grandbabies!


Sounds like a perfect afternoon! Our beach vacation starts Sunday . . . with a hurricane forecasted!


So great to see the kids having such fun! I have fond memories of Coney Island and Rockaway Beach on the Atlantic in NYC.
Is that a smile on Rusty's face?
Did you finish fixing up Ann's AirBNB?
Have a fun weekend.


It is impossible to see a photo of actual beach babies and not smile! Glad you were able to find the time and enjoy!


There is nothing better than a BEACH DAY! I'm so glad you and Rusty could say YES. What a wonderful day for all of you. XOXO

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