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My dad died on Saturday night, just a couple weeks shy of his 86th birthday.


There were some very good times, there were some very bad times, and lots in between. The photo above is from 2016 when Rusty & I drove up the Oregon coast... my first Oregon experience was with my dad in 1979 when we caravanned down the same coast. I don't think he really knew who I was on that visit... Alzheimer's... and he definitely didn't know who I was the last time -- a little over a year later -- though there was an inkling of recognition when he was writing down my name. "Vicki... oh, Vicki-toria!"

RIP, Dad.




I'm sorry to hear about your father's death, the bad times, and the Alzheimer's, but I hope you can hold close the good times and the recognition. I think that recognition comes from love.


So sorry for your losses, now, and earlier.


I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my dad many years ago and miss him every day.


I'm so sorry for your loss. I know you had a complicated relationship with him and I hope that the good times are the ones you can remember now. Thinking of you.


I'm so sorry, Vicki.

Robby H.

I'm so sorry. Here's to good memories of him, and making more good ones with those around you.


Oh Vicki, I'm so sorry your loss ... sending love and all the virtual hugs!

Linda Spooner

I understand how you feel. I too have many bad times with my dad but some good thrown in also. I try to remember the good. I'm sorry tho it still hurts, the loss but it will get better. I have lost so many as I have aged. Take care and stay safe. Linda


I am sorry about the loss of your dad and I hope that the good memories you have sustain you in the coming days.


I'm so sorry for your loss Vicki. Even with bad times in the past, losing a parent is not easy. Sending you love and hugs. Take care.


I'm thinking of you, Vicki, and sending my love. Losing someone is hard in a whole different way when the relationship was complicated. I hope your best memories will bring you comfort. XOXO

Caffeine Girl

I'm so sorry for your loss, Vicki. I hope the good memories are crowding out the bad ones.
My dad had frontotemporal dementia. He was pretty disabled when he died at 87, but he still recognized family and cared about politics.


Sorry for your loss. may his memory be for a blessiing.

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