Unraveled Wednesday: Upholstery!
Weekending: Fit for a Foodie

Good morning from Down Under!


Viv: "Did you send the photo to your mom yet?"

Maddy: "No..."

Viv: "You have to send it! She needs to know how desperate I am! There are no socks like Vicki socks."


When I'm finally ready to turn toward knitting again, the projects await! I've been thinking that it'll be something small... mittens, socks, a gnome.

But, also, that looks like a really cute afghan!! haha.




No knitter can resist a compliment like that "there are no socks like Vicki socks", and I also thought you might be quite taken by that afghan!


You know, I spent more time looking at the afghan than the sock, too!


What a great compliment. What a pretty, worn sock and what a great afghan. So many projects...so little time....


I noticed that afghan right off . . .
(And what mom can resist a call-to-the-needles like that????)


Nothing makes my knitter's heart swell with love like someone praising the socks I've knit them. Holes in socks don't make me happy, but it is a good feeling knowing that someone has worn something so much that it's developed a hole (especially a massive blow-out like that one!). I hope Viv's feet aren't cold for too long!


What a lovely compliment! (perhaps Viv can learn some visible mending?)

Robby H.

Nothing like sending up the BatSignal to a Mom. Happy knitting.


Whadda hole! Whadda compliment! Whadda afghan.

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