Unraveled Wednesday
Weekending & MacGuyvering... around the corner

Like a kid in a candy store

...except with buttons.


I've been the recipient of "sewing stuff" during the clean-out of my former boss's mother's (BFF's MIL) (current boss's grandmother's) house. Dolores is 90+ and, well, let's just say she never threw anything away.




Not only were there bins & tins full of buttons, there was another place for stashing buckles...


...another for zippers & pulls (even broken ones)...


...and for hooks & eyes cut from bras... for garter clips from garter belts & girdles, I guess. Tape measure. Pins -- safety & otherwise. Needles -- every type imaginable. Sewing patterns. I'm sure that some of it is "from the farm," i.e., her mother's!

When I got home from work yesterday, I sat down and culled the patterns and made a first pass through the buttons. They need to be cleaned, but WOOHOO there are some treasures in there. I'll be posting more about them, for sure.


This kid has ice cream and you don't! My company had their summer get together at the ballpark last night, and Ali & the kids came along. The kids had a blast -- and even watched a little baseball.

Rusty & I are staying at Ann's house tonight -- a working vacation, if you will. I'll be hemming some curtains, covering the vanity bench & whatnot, he'll be mowing the lawn, fixing the mailbox & whatnot.

Happy Weekend!



Susanne Scheurwater

Oh what treasures you have found! L.O.V.E those turquoise basket weave ones! Clean those up for a sweater you have yet to knit!! I saw a note the other day that bra closure hooks and eyes are being used to mend the shells of turtles that have been injured. Check it out, maybe you can send those bra things off to some turtles.
That girl has a smile like her big sister. What expressive faces your grands have. Hope you and Rusty have a great weekend at the BnB!!


Your have been the recipient of some lovely treasures (and all those bra and girdle fasteners)! I have many happy memories of going through my grandmother's button box, and now they're mine. I bet you and your grands will have a great time looking through yours. Malina has a delightful "cat that ate the canary" smile. Hope you have a great weekend at Ann's!


My mother, ironically Delores, never threw anything away, either. I found the storage part of a washstand loaded with used candles. WHAT?!?

Robby H.

The generations that truly lived "use it up, wear it out". My MIL had a couple of button tins (you know the type from fruitcakes?) filled with buttons. She was not even remotely interested in sewing, but you never know when you might need a button. She was also very tidy in keeping the extra button that comes with clothing along with the tag so you would know which button you needed.

Sounds like you and Rusty are doing the "shake down cruise" for the new Air B&B?


Oh have a fun weekend in a different place! Malina's smile is precious. Those buttons...OH MY!!! What treasures. Some look familiar to me (in that I inherited the tin my Mom stored buttons in). the bra and girdle fasteners just crack me the hell up! Back at the beginning of the pandemic when I made a couple of masks (before I gave up that endeavor - HA!), I found a card with elastic on it labeled 29 cents...I'm surprised it was still elastic!


You have gotten a treasure! I got my mom's and grandma's buttons- What fun. Your cache has the most fabulous butons- most of mine were plainish. The colors of your gifts are overwhelming and gorgeous.
Malina's grin is captivating.
Oh you'll be guests at Ann's,what fun.


I have a couple of bags of buttons, but they're not nearly as fun as what you have! It's always such an adventure to dig through old buttons, though they can be challenging because it's so hard to find more than two or three that match!


Those are some awesome buttons! My nana was a button saver too. What a lovely treasure to pass down!


The buttons are so pretty, but what really caught my eye was the vintage safety pins! They are amazing.


Oh. Those. Buttons. What a wonderful treasure chest you've discovered! :-) When my great-grandmother died, I got a lot of her collected "sewing stuff" . . . which also included saved bra closures, garter "snaps," and broken zippers. I'm sure they lived through a time when you just . . . never knew what you might need for a quick repair. (Also . . . the ice cream picture. So sweet!)


Happy Weekend - yikes! how did I miss this post for almost an entire week ... tomorrow marks the beginning of another one! Malina and the ice cream is all the hearts and I can't wait to see more of the vintage buttons (not so sure about all those other "closures"- ha!).

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