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Scenes from a weekend

Miss Gin was here on an overnight Sunday-Monday.


She was pretty chuffed with that Sprite! I had to laugh when I saw these other inadvertent "product placement" photos. We enjoyed lots of snacks & drinks! haha.


She beaded some necklaces, and sewed a pillowcase (mostly by herself) -- modeling both, above. The necklace kit has been kicking around since Christmas, but it's hard to do that kind of thing when there's a houseful! We really enjoyed our time together.


We went to a new-to-us park and she had fun discovering new equipment. They have a pretty great skate park, too, and it was fun to watch the skateboarders for a while.

In between all of that, we watched a couple of shows, did some puzzles... and she took a bubble bath -- with the tub & toys all to herself!

I delivered her to dance class late yesterday afternoon and then drove on to my CSA farm, about a half-hour south, where I picked up a couple of fresh chickens... one of which I roasted last night. I'm trying to remember when I last had a chicken fresh off the farm, and it's been at least a decade... when I had a coworker who raised chickens on his farmette.

On Saturday, I fluffed up Ann's house, and took it LIVE on Airbnb... she has two bookings already, and we've fielded a couple of other inquiries.

It was a busy weekend and I'm a little tuckered today!


Here's my first hint of autumn in the back yard (you sure wouldn't know it by our still hot & humid weather) -- ASTERS!




Looks like Gin thrived as an "only child". How fun to have that one-on-one time for everyone. And I have to ask... just how fresh was that chicken? Cleaned and dressed, I hope.


It was always a treat for me when I got a chance to enjoy each of my sons on their own. They almost behaved like different people! Gin has such an engaging and winning smile, and a wonderful unicorn pillowcase. I don't have a reason to visit WI, but if it ever presents itself, I am definitely going to stay at Ann's house. It's really beautiful!


So glad you had such nice Girls' Time!


Ginny certainly looks like she thoroughly enjoyed herself being the only kid! And Ann's Queen Anne looks marvelous -- I'm not surprised you already have bookings!


Oh, Ginny! XOXOX What a fabulous time for both of you! It's so wonderful that you can treat each of the kids to such special, "individualized" weekends. I still remember when my own grandmother would invite me to spend the morning (she could only stand children around for VERY short periods of time. . . ) with her. Even though she wasn't a warm-and-loving grandmother, those just-me times with my grandmother are still very happy memories for me. (And Ann's house is GREAT.)


Gin's smile shows her pleasure at being the center of your attention. The 3 drink photos were funny. Another grandy learns to sew! A wonderful skill to have.
What a treat to have a fresh Chicken! it will spoil you for store bought.


That Gin! She is such a HAPPY girl. I just love her smile and how special for both of you to have time together without the others around!


one-on-one time is THE BEST ... for us and for them :-) Y'all packed in a lot of fun! and KUDOS for getting Ann's AirBnB online so quickly - gosh, now there are TWO places I'd like to stay in Wisconsin!

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