To the border!

3TT: Update in three screenshots

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday... 

Being in different countries/hemispheres/time zones, the girls often communicate & share day-to-day updates via Snapchat or some other social media...

1: Kate


If you're not following Kate on Instagram, I'd like to recommend... and keep an eye on her Stories, especially on days when she takes a hike. Lordy, Scotland is a gorgeous country.

1: Ali


Kid shenanigans are the best shenanigans!

1: Maddy


With daughters in both UK and Australia, I get more than my share of sheep shots!

I am showing great restraint in sharing only one shot from each!! haha.




Thanks for sharing your daughters' different views and lives. I've spent far too long this morning lost in Kate's IG and am glad to follow her to be able to see some of Scotland's loveliness. I do hope you can travel safely to Scotland and to visit Maddy soon(ish).


Snapchat is great for this sort of communication. I don't ever post there but I started using it when we were locked down so that I could see what Jackie was up to - even though he's only 5 minutes away!

Julia in KW

You should be very proud! Those screenshots are of people living their best lives! Lots wonderful!

Robby H.

Kate is followed. Scotland is on my list of places to see, so I'll enjoy the periodic reminders of what a lovely place it is.




I'm not sure which I like more, Davy's enjoyment of sour cream or Maddy's accidentally taking on a new job!


Oh Vicki - what (vicarious) FUN for all of you - it strikes me that the four of you are all living very different lives in very different places (literally and figuratively) and seeing these glimpses into each others' days must be such a joy!


I LOVE these shots...and I'm going to start following Kate!


Love ALL the pix-go ahead and show more! Davy looks so cute. Love to travel vicariously to Scotland and Australia.


There is SO much to love in this post!! I should post pictures in the week of my kids....all so different and all make me smile. These are wonderful!! ❤️

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