Morning glow
One of the craziest weeks ever

Change is afoot!

There are seven gallons of paint in the back of my car and three more to pick up after work today.

(Whoops! I never even considered that there'd be a problem getting paint, but the "deep base" needed for a couple of the colors wasn't in stock and they didn't know when -- or even IF -- they'd be getting more! Luckily, there's another store nearby and they had some on the shelf.)


If the darn weather cooperates, painting at Ann's Queen Anne (AQA) will commence next week.


It'll be AMAZING to see the exterior all freshened up! The siding & trim colors aren't changing much, but the accent colors are! These photos are skewed a little on the blue side, but you get the drift.

Also, this was in the mail yesterday:


It was addressed to the NORTH POLE! Haha. OMG, I just love it, and I can't wait for more!

Have a great weekend!




Your house is going to look so spiffy! Happy weekend!

Robby H.

Looking forward to that house transformation. Hope the paint dries before the snow rolls in there at the North Pole! He-he.

Caffeine Girl

Your energy amazes me!

Margene Smith

The changes are going to look so good! Fresh paint always looks grand, but the new colors will be stunning! Ann's Queen Anne is going to be a very special place whether a home or an AirBnB!
You may want to think about the early snow that Santa expects at the North Pole. ;-)


Can't wait to see the transformation of Ann's Queen Anne!

I like that those kids are thinking ahead and already planning for Christmas!


The Santa letters are simply the best! Good luck painting, I can't wait to see it all shined up!


Santa mail is the best kind of mail. :-)
We got bids for exterior painting of our house (with new doors and exterior light fixture upgrades, too) LAST July (2020). We knew the work wouldn't begin until THIS summer. But it's been pushed back and pushed back, and now we're keeping our fingers crossed for October. But we're really thinking it will be next spring before it happens. Why? There are delays on all fronts for all our painters projects. Paint shortages. Staffing shortages. Our doors are on permanent backorder, too. (We ordered them last February!) I think the "new normal" translates to expect some serious inconvenience when you want to do any kind of home projects. (I sure hope Ann's house is painted before ours. . . )


Props to Junah for beating the holiday rush!


ooohhh love the paint for AQA!


Santa letters in September!! It will be an amazing FALL....

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