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On Sunday, I managed to get a batch of Vicki's* Roasted Tomato Sauce in the oven -- the first in a long while.


I used tomatoes, garlic & onions from our CSA along with rosemary, Italian parsley, basil, and celery that I grew from the starter plants I purchased from them a few months ago.


The way that recipe goes, it's all popped in the oven for 25 minutes, stirred and roasted for another :25, stirred again and roasted for :45. It's the perfect recipe for multi-tasking because... it's not cookies or a cake. Twenty-five, schwenty-five, it doesn't matter that much if the timer dings it's reminder for :05 or :10 more. I love me some char! I blended it a little with my hand-held and stuck it in the freezer for later... I am tasting it in a lasagna in January.

Over the weekend, I finished the second-to-last row of Hexie Love!


Some of these randomly plucked crocheted circles are from very early days of this project, when my crochet/counting ability was a little wonky, to say the least. It makes me laugh when I pull one of those out of the bag! So this one was re-done -- twice, actually, because apparently I'm still challenged even in the late days of this project!




I can almost smell that tomato sauce!


That sauce looks SO good, and I love those hexies, especially the ones you've shown up close!


I, too, am smelling (and tasting...as I drool) that sauce. And your hexies! I can't believe you are finishing that project. What fun!


Mmm, I'm betting your house smelled really good while that sauce was roasting!


I make your roasted tomato sauce every year . . . at least once! :-) And I love your blanket. Embrace the wonky, I say. :-)

Robin Fremer

Roasted tomatoes look fabulous. That's basically how I make my sauce- add a bit of allspice and nutmeg to mine.
Final row of Hexies that calls for a celebration!


homemade tomato sauce and more hexie love ... still making me smile - and I know you are, too!


Sauce looks so good. So to confirm, do you leave the skins on the tomatoes? I love reading your blog...always so interesting.

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