It's been a morning
Change is afoot!

Morning glow

The computer gremlins plaguing my morning yesterday seem to have moved to the phone system at work today.



I had to run back into the house this morning to fetch something I'd forgotten and was taken by the morning glow. I just said to Rusty the other day that it seemed like the leaves were thinning a bit. It's still pretty dark now in the morning when I get up -- somewhere between "first light" and "sunrise," but I still open the blinds in the bedroom.

Catch every ray of summer!



Robby H.

That's lovely light. I'm all about the light year round. I'm a teensy bit less excited when it gets me up at 0430, but I'm willing to put up with it for the additional light later in the day. Soaking it up here, too.


What a pretty scene! It is definitely darker in the morning, but I'm ok with that. I just love my quiet time by myself before the whole world starts up!

Caffeine Girl

I feel you! I already miss those long summer nights!


What a pretty view! The light is definitely "thinner" here ... I'm always surprised by how quickly the days get shorter come September.


There is house near me that has a window that glows like yours and I love seeing it when I pass in the early morning light. Yes! Let's hang on to summer as much as we can!


Can I reserve a seat on one of your benches? I love the view.


So lovely, Vicki. This is that time of year . . . when I want to just bottle up the sunshine and the light and the warmth of the sun. (For later. When we really NEED it!) XO


I just love that glow-y early fall light, even if I dislike the shorter days in general. This looks like the perfect spot to curl up in a sweater with a cup of coffee and a good book.


What a pretty photo! I love those moments when you stop and look around at something you see every day and realize that it's beautiful.

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