3TT: Update in three screenshots

To the border!

As hoped, I worked the last two motifs for Hexie Love and, unlike any of the others, they were truly JAYGo'd (Join As You Go).


I imagine that once I figure it out, the border will go fairly quickly because there won't be all the color changes.

Or will there?

Then I finished knitting the headband portion of Wild Fields... still have to sew it up. The kids will be over tomorrow after dance class, so I'll see how it fits the girls then, and decide (or let one of them decide) whether to add the crown on this one.

It must all have been a bit too much because I went to bed last night without setting my alarm... and weirdly woke up this morning right about the time I'd normally be getting dressed. Rusty's teaching in Door County all week, or he'd most likely have roused (me) a bit earlier. I hurried with the brushing & washing & making up (it takes longer to curl my eyelashes than to actually apply any makeup), and added a cup of coffee to my usual KC&T order instead of making it at home... and actually made it to work on time!




You must have needed that extra sleep! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the border on that blanket.


That blanket! I can't wait to see what you do with the border as well! Gah, I hate that "I over-slept" feeling.


I'm also in the excited audience looking forward to seeing what you do with the border on this blanket!

Robby H.

I hate over sleeping. Even if I can get myself together to be on time, I feel a little late all day. But, sounds like you needed the rest. Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly.


Oversleeping is the worst, even when you need the sleep. Nothing like starting off the day feeling like you're already behind. I'm glad you managed to make it in on time in spite of all that.

Can't wait to see the finished blanket!


Looking forward to seeing the edging for the hexie blanket.


oh the hexies are so close to being done - can't wait to see!!!

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