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Warning: All Work, Gnome Play - Gnome MKAL 7 spoiler ahead. (Are any of you doing this?)

There's a story my mother used to tell about a Thanksgiving meal early in my parents' marriage -- for Dad's boss or for family, I don't remember that detail. The important thing was that Mom asked Dad to go to the kitchen and get the cranberry sauce, which she'd forgotten to "decant," and she was mortified when he proudly presented the perfectly can-shaped specimen.


I saw this at an estate sale on Friday afternoon and... maybe it wasn't all his fault!

I'm not sure what got into me, but I got up close & personal with my kitchen & bathroom floors on Saturday in a way that I haven't done in a very long time. First, I've had cleaning ladies for the past few years (but not right now) and, second, Rusty does not mind scrubbing floors! I bought a steam mop to use at Ann's house, though, and decided to give it a whirl at mine... it was awesome. It did edges pretty good, but not corners... so that's where we got close again!

Ann had ordered some pillows with the furniture for her house, and I got the call that they were ready for pick up, so I drove up to Green Bay on Saturday afternoon. I stopped at St. Vinny's, where I bought a half-dozen pair of Susan Bates long straight knitting needles; Target, where I walked the perimeter of the store and ended up with two items that I'd picked up right in front (for a total of $6); and the Packers Pro Shop, to pick up some football goodies for guests arriving this weekend for football! I'm so happy to welcome football fans again.

Ann & I both had guests last week that were here for the Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits in Kohler. Golf is not my thing but I actually tuned in on TV for a few minutes on Sunday and even I was awed by a couple of shots... they looked pretty impressive/impossible to me! Ann's people left yesterday, so I stopped over a couple of times to get laundry going. I actually brought sheets home to hang on my clothesline! My guy left today, so... rinse & repeat.


I've been working on Hexie Love... slowly, but getting there! I've attached all the motifs at-hand, and need to make two more before I move on to the border. I am aiming to do that tonight. I'm afraid I might be a little short of yarn for the border, but I guess I won't know for sure until I dive in.

I haven't worked at all on the headband/hat that I started while camping, because I've been knitting a gnome hat!


That is through Clue 4, in which I knit nearly a foot-and-a-half of 3-stitch I-cord! Had that little detail been disclosed at the beginning, it would have been a hard NO on this for me, but... who knew? (NO ONE! It's a MYSTERY!) Turns out, I can knit about 6" of I-cord per quarter of football. I can't wait for tomorrow's clue!



...this is a frame from a super-cute Snapchat yesterday. Ginny could feel the kitten's heartbeat, and Malina... well, she's just all over it!



Bonny Becker

I have a thing for vintage silverplate and was excited to find cranberry sauce servers in my patterns. They really class up the can kind (it's what my family likes)! I've been seeing various gnomes, but thanks to your i-cord disclosure this one will not be in my queue.


Oh that hat! I like homemade wholeberry cranberry sauce but there are many family members who prefer it straight from the can and cut into circles!

Robby H.

We actually have to do 3 (yes, three) kinds of cranberry for Thanksgiving. My husband mockingly insists that part of the cranberry can version be whole so "people will know it's authentic".

Those girls and that kitten! So cute.


My mother has a server that I'm convinced was meant for sliced cranberry gel (I won't call it sauce) and I'm pretty sure was my grandmother's originally. I don't think there was a matching serving dish to go with it, though!


Oh my gosh... that cranberry set, LOL YES! (I am pretty sure there was one of those floating around my aunt's house)

This gnome looks fascinating! (and bigger!) Maybe I need to get this pattern... it seems like a fun little project!


My mom had that EXACT cranberry server!!!! Your photo of the box just flooded me with ALL the nostalgia. . . I'm excited to see your gnome come to life. But all that i-cord???? That is exactly why I avoid "mystery" knits. And the girls with that kitten???? Oh, be still my heart. XOXO

Ann Collins

I never heard of a steam mop! I just checked them out and there are lots to choose from. Which one did you buy? I have a lot of tile in my house and it would be very useful.

I chuckled at the cranberry set. My family always served canned cranberry but my daughter and I always make our own now that we learned there are options!


I LOVE that cranberry set! I have a pierced spoon that's similar, but not a tray. Woot for the clean floors and golf guests! Marc was glued to the TV all weekend and even Sara and I watched a few holes. It was exciting golf and the scenery was gorgeous!


I make cranberry sauce from berries, sugar,etc. I hate the stuff in the can. Your story is one of family memories. Kids and kitties-win/win! So wonderful.
I-cord for a gnome-NO----for a shawl-YES

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