3TT: Update in three screenshots
Camping 2021.2


How are we almost a week in already??


Pictures of this tree/these colors are never as spectacular as when you see it in person... but I keep trying, year after year. Leaves are starting to drop!


And it's definitely darker in the morning. There was no one behind me yesterday morning as I left the coffee shop, so I stopped in the middle of the street for a photo. An old sign blew off in a storm on the upper left, leaving just a small remnant. Pretty soon, the whole upper level south & west sides will be sided, and I think the front will get cleaned up a little, too.


I've been keeping up with the All Work, Gnome Play - Gnome MKAL 7  pretty well! She sat in front of me last night while I started on more fiddly bits... knitted braids! And also a nose (we think it's a nose) from way back in Clue #1 that I'd apparently overlooked (thanks to Deb @ Knit Night for cluing me in).

I've been super busy with home & kids & Airbnbs...


...painting at Ann's progressed a bit last week. I'm afraid there's a bunch that's going to have to wait until Spring, but at least the front & back screen doors have been painted the new/darker color. And I'm loving it!

Rusty's just about finished putting a fresh coat on our garage, having just done the back door last night (there was a "wet paint" sign when I got home).

I had the boys for a few hours last Saturday, and then the three big kids stayed overnight. We had a blast, making some decorations for Halloween and eating Oreos with breakfast, among other things!


At long last, we had football fans!! They've been among my favorite guests since the beginning because they're always SO excited & SO happy to be here... as you can see! This couple was split -- she's a massive Packers fan and he roots for the Steelers -- so he went home disappointed in the game's outcome, but STILL SO HAPPY!! haha.

This weekend, there's a couple at Ann's from the Baraboo area to do some weekend hiking, and I have a woman & her two daughters coming from the NW part of the state to explore coffee shops & restaurants in our area -- they didn't even realize that they'd be catching the tail end of Restaurant Week!

I have an extra-long weekend coming up and it's going to be fairly nice, so I'm going camping with Junah! Camping with the grands is something I've dreamed of since the beginning of this travel trailer adventure, so here we go! I've reserved a campsite for two nights at Calumet, where Kate & I did our maiden voyage last year, in a spot very close to where we were then -- a playground will be in our "backyard"! I've also downloaded a geocaching app again, having discovered that there are quite a few in the park. And yesterday, our public library posted a "Fall Colors 5K Fundraiser" with a craft & activity kit (craft supplies, scavenger hunt, maps, etc.) and the timing couldn't have been better!! In addition to those activities, I'd already planned to do a "nature weaving" project with him, and we won't be far from LaClare Family Creamery so might go visit the goats if we need an excursion. Wish us luck (and good weather)!!

What's up with you this early October?




That's a great photo of the coffee shop. And I think you and Junah are going to have SO MUCH fun camping together! I'm excited for a long weekend with no plans.


Your gnome and the house are looking great, and the camping sounds really exciting! Have fun and I'll be looking forward to hearing about it!


You and Junah will have an amazing time (how can you not???), and what wonderful memories you two will make. I'm excited for you. Love the new colors on Ann's house - so pretty. While in New England last week we kept talking about how the colors we see are so much more vibrant in person - hard to capture on camera for sure. Love the shot of the coffee shop, and love your note from your most recent guests. PS - been enjoying Kate's IG posts. Longing to go to Scotland....


You are going to have so much fun camping with Junah! Though I think you might need to schedule a mini vacation for yourself for when you get back with all the activities you've planned.

I was thinking of you when we were watching the Steelers/Packers game on Sunday. I still can't believe that it's October -- I keep thinking it's still September. But next weekend is Rhinebeck!


Camping with Junah! Oh, what a fun adventure you both will have! I can't wait to hear all about it - it just sounds fabulous. (And I absolutely cannot believe we're alread a week into October. My brain is still WAY back in September. But still no need for shoes and socks, so WIN!!!) XO

Ann Collins

Oh, camping with Junah will be such fun. We've taken our grandkids (one at a time) with us to spend the night when we are able to camp in the heart of Los Angeles which is where they live. It's always an adventure. There is one park in the middle of an old orange grove and trees were removed to make camping sites. They can pick and eat as many oranges as they want to!

Susanne Scheurwater

oh, camping with Junah!! what fun that will be. I am sure you will come back with more stories and photos than you can imagine. Can't wait to hear all about it.
This weekend here in Canada, is our Thanksgiving, so although restrictions are still in place for gatherings, we will at least see people, even if from a distance, that are home for the long weekend!


You do such a great job with Instagram, I never feel like I've missed much ... and then you share all this extra content here, and ... thank you! the coffee shop is so pretty in the morning - what a treat it must be to stop by! and CAMPING. WITH JUN! The photos looked great and I can't wait for the whole story :-)

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