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NaBloPoMo 2021.1


Here's Davy...


...who urges you to bang some blocks together because it's so damn funny!!

Ali & the kids have been coming over on Wednesday evenings after the girls' dance class for dinner & some play time, and I love having that standing date. Davy is standing up and taking one or two steps... he's soon gonna be off to the races!

He's wearing a Wee Wallaby (Rav link) sweater that I knit using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton 14 years ago for Mack*. It's been worn by Mack, Addy, Junah, Ginny, Malina, and now Davy (who will be wearing it for a couple of years, and it probably still fits Malina), and it looks amazing!

*Click that link for a blast from the 2007 knit blogger past... holy moly. Who remembers Dish Rag Tag? The Company




That is a well-worn Wallaby and Davy certainly makes me smile. Thanks for sharing!


I think Davy has the best advice of the week! (and the most adorable, well-worn sweater on the internet!)

Have a great weekend!


Now that's the sign of a well made and well loved sweater! Our kids come over every Wednesday for dinner, too. I really look forward to it.


A happy baby in a well-worn sweater? Nothing better!


YES! What Davy says! And I love that your Wallaby has passed through so many kiddos! What a satisfying knit! XO

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