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Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday... 

In this case, three photos.


A little earlier than last year, and in person rather than virtual, I attended a wreath-making workshop last night. I loved last year's wreath, but decided to make a different style.


And I made two!! The first photo is the wreath that I made for myself; the second is the one I made for Ann's house.

It was really fun to make them, also wine & treats, and I didn't even mind listening to Christmas music!


My friend Ann also made two wreaths and that's the back of my car last night. You can almost smell it!

The weather is still crazy warm for November and these could really do with a little cold!! But I also really loved wearing sandals yesterday while I was running errands. Heh.




It's a little early for Christmas music for me, but I don't think I would have minded it much if I had the fun of making wreaths with a friend (and wine)! Just lovely!


The wreaths are gorgeous. We have a pinecone wreath made by Fletcher's Mom decades (many) ago that we hang on the front door each year...but I miss a green wreath. My Mom and her friend Jean used to make them...then they started going to a nursery and having the old (like 70-80 year old) owner make them and man were they GORGEOUS! I can almost smell them. I can't believe you are in is gorgeous here, but my feet tend to be freezing, so wool socks for moi.

Helen Mathey-Horn

Beautiful and I want to make WREATHS now. I'll settle for putting up my 'fakes' in a day or so. If we had 'cold' weather I might go with real materials, but Oklahoma just dries those things up and doing it now would be a waste of time, effort and materials. Yours are lovely. Enjoy


Those wreaths are beautiful and so professional looking - well done!

Margene Merrill Smith

I LOVE a good wreath for Christmas decor! I can almost smell them just through the photo by foliage you used. They look more beautiful than any I've seen for sale.


Wow! those wreaths are soooo full and gorgeous. Are they made on styrofoam or a plastic or metal frame? They look heavy- I'm impressed with your overachievement of making 2. You must not have had enuf wine! Can't wait to see them on the doors.


Someone really has to figure out how to get blogs to transmit smells -- I can only imagine how wonderful all that greenery must smell!


Those are just beautiful, Vicki! :-) I've been inspired recently by a couple of Danish floral arrangers I follow on IG. They've been making gorgeous wreaths and posting their process. Although I can't understand the words (because Danish), I can watch along with their videos and be inspired. Now you've inspired me EVEN MORE. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .
(And no flip-flops here! We've got cold and rain and maybe even snow coming up. . . )


those are gorgeous! i'd love to have a fresh beautiful wreath like that for my door for the winter.


Those wreaths are beautiful and will look lovely on your door. I’ve never made a wreath before but would like to some day.

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