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NaBloPoMo 2021.12

Due to a misunderstanding & scheduling snafu requiring the curator's attention this morning*, today's opening of the latest Museum of Me exhibit has been postponed. 


Here are some cute gnomes, instead. I made a special stop at Aldi while running errands on Wednesday and had quite a workout pulling this one from the middle of the pile. But worth it! Arguably, one could say that I have a (small) collection of gnomes (I've given away most of the knitted ones)... but I don't actively seek them out to "collect," and I am pretty particular about them.

Stay tuned!

*There's a story there that will be told before the end of the month! Snafu = NaBloPoMo blog fodder!




Sometimes the Museum staff just needs some extra time! I'm looking forward to the next exhibit, and I'm also very tempted to head to my Aldi. (I love that you're still wearing sandals!)


The strain on Museum staff - and particularly on the curators - is especially tough at this time of year! (And this is a mighty worthy Aldi purchase, I might add.) XO


I can see why the staff was distracted from their tasks. When a gnome lover sees such a find, purchase is necessary.


I have been working on Wovember posts and completely forgot about Museum of Me. I love that picture - flips flops and gnomes - perfect!


I love of the gnome mat ! At times museum staff need to close momentarily to rejuvenate, I look forward to your next post 😊

Margene Merrill Smith

In todays world it is hard to get the right help when needed. At least you were able to add to your gnome collection with a good looking trio!


I'll give the curatorial staff a pass this time; everyone is short staffed these days. In the meantime, enjoy the new welcome mat! I wonder if our Aldi has them -- my brother would love one!

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