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NaBloPoMo 2021.13: Museum of Me

The second exhibit in my Museum of Me is A Collection... this will undoubtedly be a permanent, rotating exhibit because there are lots of Collections. Ahem.


This is a collection of mice, and it's one that I infrequently add to myself.

It's all because of my dad... he called me MOUSE from infancy; it stuck through childhood and well into adulthood. He's the only one who ever really called me by that nickname, but everyone knew it... and that's how this collection was born. Because if I'm called Mouse, then I must like mice... and collect them. Right? Whatever. I have a collection of mice and I love them all!


This one (above) is the smallest. He's one of three that I bought (often in threes), though I can only find two right now. They used to hang out on my computer keyboard but Malina-Little-Magpie-Hands found them, so who knows? (She's something else!)


This is the second-smallest, standing 1" tall, and not in the group photo because I forgot about him! (They're mostly HIMs.) And this one I also purchased myself -- just last year, in fact, at a gift shop on the North Shore -- with full approval, if not encouragement, from Rusty & Kate. There's a lot I like about this one... size, heft, shine, and that tail.


This one was a gift from my mother. She never called me Mouse, but she's one of the largest contributors to the collection! He is also made of some sort of metal and has a nice weight.


This roly-poly one feels like stone, and is signed on the bottom. His little ears & tail are made of leather.


I'm pretty sure this one was also from my mom... from mother to daughter, one mom to another. (I don't think Dad ever gave me a mouse.)


If any of my mice was a HER, it would be this one. And this one is also signed; seems made of glass. Those big eyes! and ears! and what looks like a single tooth! the roundness to the belly! He's really sweet.


This is a "gumdrop" ornament with "almond half" ears and a "licorice" tail. I bought this one year when everyone got a gumdrop ornament of some sort.


This one is also made of metal -- brass, I believe -- and is the lone survivor of what once were three -- they were all different sizes, and I think this is either the smallest or the middle one. These "note holders" were a gift (and rarely used as such).


But this one, also metal, is from a pair of bookends, and they are definitely used for the intended purpose! In fact, I only nabbed one of them because the other could not be called from duty. I love these hard-working guys.

And now we come to the last two mice in the exhibit... priceless treasures.


Made of porcelain by my Grandma Blum, and bearing the mark. Poured by Grandpa, finished/painted by Grandma. I love the painted claws and those poor gigantic chipped ears! My grandparents had an at-home ceramics business out of their home for years after retiring from their day jobs. Grandma was a pretty talented artist, and also a born teacher. I have quite a few pieces made by them, but this one is hands-down my favorite.


The last treasured piece in this MoM exhibit was made by first-grade "Maddie," aka MADDY! With it's enormous ears and nose, and that curling tail, she knew even then what I liked!

A few of these pieces reside on the bookshelf (not far from the piggy bank that was subject of my first MoM exhibit), a couple in my computer/workroom, but the majority are in the "Depression Glass Cupboard," which holds all manner of treasures, and gives you a big fat clue about the subject of at least one future exhibit.


Thanks to Kym for this wonderful idea, the Museum of Me! It's fun to look at, photograph, think and write about these things that are part of ME.



Carol Waudby

How fun!. I too have a collections of mice. My collection started in college.


I loved this visit to the MoM (Museum of Mice?) ! I especially liked that each one is different and seems to have his own special look and personality. The last two handmade ones are the best. I can see why Malina-Little-Magpie-Hands would be attracted to some of these. I can just imagine how that tiny, shiny one would feel in my palm!

Cris Peterson Bjork

Love the mice. I found a mouse that is knitting using double points, couldn't believe it. Most of my collections involve sheep.
Told my granddaughter, that is a day or two younger than Malina that her pirate name should be "Stinkie-Graby-Hands". The grabby part still fits. We participate in a local Renaissance fair that is much more kid focused, so she's ready to go.


What an adorable collection of mice and such treasured pieces to have.


What a great collection! I love that it's a mix of purchased and hand made by artists you know.


All of the mice are wonderful (I think the gumdrop is my favorite) but I can see why those last two are the most precious of all!


I don't know anyone else who collects mice except Disney fans but I love your mice and the stories behind them. Thanks for sharing.


What a TREASURE, Vicki!!! The BEST collections are full of meaning and story . . . and your mouse collection has both in spades! I just love it, and thank you so much for sharing. XO (And I'm just dying here about Little-Malina-Magpie-Hands. . . ) :-)

Margene Merrill Smith

Baby hands-Magpie Hand- SO CUTE! I can see the chubby little knuckles reaching out and finding TREASURE! I can only imaging how many excellent collections are lurking around your house. I am looking forward to seeing and exploring them with you!


Love your collection of mice and LOVE that you call Malina Magpie! That is just the BEST!!

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