NaBloPoMo 2021.13: Museum of Me
NaBloPoMo 2021.15



It's so beautiful! We were supposed to get some here, but other than a few flurries when it first started, it all turned into rain.


It's pretty but also too soon!


Sandals last week, snow this week! (but it is pretty)


We woke up to snow on Saturday . . . and had more, off and on, through the weekend. It's pretty much gone now. And it is too soon . . . because so many trees still have their leaves. (It's always such a mess when seasons collide. . . ) (I'll bet the girls were beside themselves over the snow!!!)

Margene Merrill Smith

WOW! Your yard looks peaceful (and cold). It's 65 and sunny here in SLC which means the storm skipped right over us! We're still waiting for real winter to arrive. (Please come, winter.)


oohhh! snow!!! lovely! i'm a little jealous. i hope we get snow this year.

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