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The holiday spirit is ramping up! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if we're not already speeding toward Christmas as November begins, we sure are by the time we gather to give thanks. I continue to receive letters addressed to "The North Pole," I made those wreaths last week, trees for the Airbnbs* have been delivered and will go up soon (with very simple decoration), and over the weekend it was confirmed that...

Kate will be home for Christmas!


I sure wish Maddy & Viv could come home, too, but I'm hopeful & looking forward to an extended visit next summer!

I'll be driving down to ORD in mid-December to pick up Kate and we're going to stay down there for a night before driving home; she'll fly back to Scotland on New Year's Eve (cheapest flights!). Can't wait!!

*The Packers play on Christmas Day, so we both have guests for actual Christmas... I just had to do something more than a tabletop tree!




I love that you are putting up trees as the AirBnbs, that will make it so festive and cozy. And hooray for Kate coming home for Christmas!!


And people say holidays aren't what they used to be. . . What terrific news!


It's clear why you're a Super Host, and I'm glad Kate will be home for Christmas!

Helen Mathey-Horn

Sounds like fun all around. Nice touch giving people Christmas trees in your AirBnb. :)


I'm excited to hear that Kate will be coming home for Christmas! I'm sure your Airbnb guests will appreciate the holiday atmosphere, too. Imagine how nice it will smell inside when they first come in!


What GREAT news! I'm so glad you'll be able to enjoy Kate's company for a few weeks over the holidays. Your wreath looks FABulous, Vicki! I'm plotting how to use my own "greens" to make some wreaths. It's such a fun project - and yours is an inspiration. (And you are the most super-host-y AirBnB host EVER. Your guests are gonna be thrilled to be spending Christmas in your spaces.) XO

Margene Merrill Smith

You are the perfect host to have guests over Christmas. With football on Christmas day the air will be electric and full of fun,. AND, a big hub of energy! What a grand celebration you'll have!


How wonderful that Kate will be home for the holidays-Let the fun ensue! Guests at both BnBs! wow you will be extra busy. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

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