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NaBloPoMo 2021.19: Mind blown

Kate shared an Instagram account with me yesterday that is BLOWING MY MIND!

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A post shared by Papetal™ by Jennifer Tran (@_papetal_)

Obviously, I'm in good company since the author/maker blew her own mind! I don't know about you, but I look at that photo and see fabric -- a nice silk scarf, maybe, and then see a pasta-maker, and wonder what the angle is, having a scarf come through a pasta-maker... and THEN realize that it's actual freakin' PASTA!!

Even if you don't follow her, it's worth peeking at her Instagram.

Lordy, she wrote a book about making flowers... from paper!


You can "look inside" and, wow, similarly mind blowing.

Talk about your Eye Candy for a Friday.

We're on our way to the North Shore! I'll check in tomorrow, and the next day, and the next... since it's still November. Heh.




That is incredible!! Thanks for the link!


At first I thought it was a some kind of lovely weaving, then a purse, and could hardly wrap my mind around pasta! I'm off to check out more of her creativity. Thanks!


Wow! That is just so cool. (People do such amazing things . . . ) Have a great time at the shore!


Whoa....that is amazing! All of her pasta is out of this world! Thank you and Katie for sharing.

Margene Merrill Smith

I was sure it was a silk scarf! That is just WOW! I'm going to check out her Instagram NOW!


It says "view this post on Instagram" but it's not clickable and I have no clue how to view it. Wish I could; it sounds fascinating.


Have you ever seen Salty Seattle on instagram? She does some pretty awesome things with colored pasta.


OMG- I thought it was a silk scarf. Eating something that took so much work seems sacreligous. My aspirations for my crafting are nowhere near her levels!


Pasta? No freakin way. Amazing stuff.


That pasta is too pretty to eat!

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