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NaBloPoMo 2021.21

It’s been a stick around at home day, and I have done a lot of knitting!



There was a little snow this morning and drama in the sky, and it’s been pretty windy, but we got out for a short hike, watched some boats go by — big & little, and also an intrepid little duck — and went out to watch ISS fly over (for the 2nd time since we’ve been here). All in all, a pretty great day!




Considering the intricacy of that stocking, I'd say you've made more than a little progress!


That is an interesting stocking, and it seems you have picked the perfect place to work on it!


Oh my goodness. That stocking . . . does not look easy (or relaxing) to knit! It's going to be fabulous, though! I'm enjoying your North Shore trip so much . . . vicarioulsy, of course! XO


I've never seen the ISS. These days I tend to go to sleep early. I'll have to check it out. That stocking is beautiful and growing so quickly!

Margene Smith

Wow! You can pack a lot into a short time. The stocking looks great! Good luck with the ends. :)


I am impressed with your progress on that stocking!


Mark me as another who is impressed with your knitting progress (and skill - that stocking looks like a complicated thing to me). So nice that you two are away and enjoying it even in frigid weather!! I've never seen the ISS overhead either (but I, too, go to bed so early).


first - congratulations on 22/30 for NaBloPoMo - wow! what an accomplishment, and what a treat to read all in one sitting :-) Those AirBnBs look so inviting, and I sure would love to visit in person. one day. soon?!

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