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NaBloPoMo 2021.24: Re-entry


I ran to the credit union, to the P.O., cleaned & prepped our Airbnb (with Rusty's help) ("football" guests arriving Friday), to Sam's & KC&T for a pick-up/delivery, to the grocery store for... y'know (except that we're having LASAGNA instead of turkey), and stopped off at Ann's on the way home.


PAINTING! It was 47F today, and apparently warm enough for painting. This may or may not be the last painting day this year, but the major stuff is done, and I'm so happy!

There are football guests arriving there on Saturday, but Rusty & I already cleaned/prepped before we left for the North Shore, so it will just be some last-minute details.

I'm looking forward to spending the day with Ali & her family tomorrow!!




Anne's QA is looking good! I'm glad you have gotten an extra painting day or two. Enjoy your lasagna and your day tomorrow!


I can't help but think how much I'd love to come stay at Ann's AirBnb!


The painting is so pretty! The whole house is such a treasure and I'm sure it's a delight to stay in.

Hope your lasagna is delicious and your Thanksgiving is wonderful!

Margene Smith

Queen Ann's Queen Ann is looking fabulous. Lasagna would be so much for to eat on Thanksgiving! Who needs turkey!?

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