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Happy Thanksgiving and/or Thursday!


I am thrilled with all the new growth, blossoms & buds on this little "Thanksgiving" cactus! There's a larger one upstairs that's just starting to form buds and will definitely be putting on a show for Christmas... which is one month from today!!


Amaryllis Watch 2021 has officially begun! I ordered these from Modern Daily Knitting, and one will either go home with Ali today or I'll take it to Ann's. I have some bulbs of my own that are "resting" in the basement, and they'll be ready to re-pot in a week or so. The Garden Room is getting full.




Happy thanksgiving.


Good job, Thanksgiving cactus! And let Amaryllis Watch 2021 begin!

Margene Merrill Smith

My Christmas cactus has been blossoming and now it's on the wan. I hope your blossoms bring your joy through the next month or so! I have 2 amaryllis to plant and two more to plant today. Winter will look a little brighter as we anticipate the glorious flowers!


I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and the lasagna, too!


"Garden room is getting full." Such lovely words!!! XO

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