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Today was Wreath & Swag Day!

I already hung the wreath at home that I made for myself. I'm thinking of moving it to the pergola, where last year's wreath was hung, so a) I can enjoy it more, and b) hang the twig wreath on the fence that I bought specifically for that spot... and forgot about! What a dope.

There was some running around, getting a door hanger for Ann's, but wow...

IMG_2906 worth it! I love how that turned out -- just the smallest hint of red, and the color of that bow is perfect!


I also picked up an inexpensive fresh swag at the grocery store for the back porch.

The pinecone wreath that my sister made for me, has been on my front door for YEARS, but it was in really bad shape, having lost pinecones here and there over the years. Some I've saved, tucking them in if I could, and I've been able to fudge it until now... it's taken a couple of bad hits over the past few weeks, and I was contemplating trashing it.

Well, on one of our hikes during our trip to the North Shore, I spotted the exact types of pinecones that I needed, and Rusty offered to gather.


I got out my glue gun and fixed it right up! The new ones look... fresher! I'm sure it won't be long before they blend right in (and maybe you can't even tell).


I had to take off the bow & the star garland that I had wrapped around it -- that garland was so old, there were hardly any stars left (and most of those fell off in the unwrapping). I think I'll leave it unadorned this year.

I really don't want to, but I think I'm going to get our tree up over the weekend and wrangle with the lights. The kiddos are going to sleep over next weekend and they'll help decorate (after I organize decorations into kid-suitable and not!).




Everything looks so beautiful. That door hanger—wow! And the pinecone wreath looks so great with the subtle color variations. I think the new ones enhance it! You’re putting me in the mood😆


The wreaths look so lovely! I honestly can't tell where the new pinecones went, so you did an excellent job of repairing it.


Your wreaths are beautuful! I love the bow on Anne's and those pinecones (new and old) look perfect on that gorgeous front door.


Love, love, love the unadorned pinecone wreath! They all look so festive.

Margene Smith

The pinecone wreath looks perfect on your front door. I happen to like it without a thing on it. Looks rustic and simple. You always have just the right touch here and there when decorating your home for Yule. Perfection.

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