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That's a wrap for tree lights this year! And, yes, it does seem like I do battle with the damn lights every flippin' year... some of them, anyway. I don't know what's with the lights on the top section -- they're not new, but they're whiter & brighter! It all looks more balanced in real life.

This is in preparation for another sleepover with the kiddos next weekend, and they'll help with decorations. Tomorrow, we'll pull down the boxes and I'll sort the kid-/non-kid-friendly ornaments! And I just might leave it like that until Kate arrives and she/we can finish. (But maybe not.)

Last week, I'd read about a drop-in class at a local garden center to make a succulent pinecone arrangement, and was reminded this morning. I was 50/50 on it until I got all those dead lights off and decided I needed a break! The "drop-in" part was the best! There were only a few people there when I arrived at noon, and most of them I knew! My mom's neighbor, Julie, was there with two of her daughters, her son, and a few of (her six) grandchildren -- and it was her birthday! They were nearly finished with their pinecones, but she invited me to sit down, and we spent a few minutes catching up. I'm very happy with how my project turned out, but the kids' were amazing!!!




I love your succulent pine cone arrangement -- such a fun idea!


I don't know that I would ever have thought to put together pine cones and succulents -- but it works BRILLIANTLY! What a perfect combination. And I always love your tree. (Trees with just lights are my favorite trees . . . ) XO


I'm intriqued by the pine cone/succulent project. How does everything stay on it? If there were pinecones here I might try it. Maybe when I'm up in OH I'll collect some. I'm a little behind in my reading .

Margene Smith

Your tree is the same at this point every year. I'm surprised there is any room to add more lights, but it always turns out to be perfect in the end. The little succulent pinecone is about as cute as it can be!

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