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The holiday wreath/decor parade continues!


Yesterday, I replaced the wreath on the fence with the twig one that I'd purchased (and forgot about) for that location. The twig wreath is much more subtle, but also looks great against the weathered wood.

The pergola location allows me to enjoy the fresh wreath so much more!

Shortly after I did the switcheroo, it started to snow.


So pretty.


My friend Peg gave me some boughs that they'd cut on their property up north, along with some dogwood branches that she found on the curb. I love how they're kind of wild and crazy on the front porch... but I had to bring in my planter to thaw overnight before sinking the branches into the dirt!


I ran across a wreath that Junah made while we were camping, and it was the perfect addition to the back door for Thanksgiving! (I love those patterned leaves.)

Holy cats, only two days to go for NaBloPoMo!! I've been a terrible blog reader and comment responder, especially since vacation, but I hope to start catching up! Thanks for reading & hanging in with me!




I'm impressed that you've been able to post every day, even while you were away! Your wreaths and decorations are really lovely -- I always enjoy decorations made from natural materials.


Your parade of wreaths is lovely, and I like how it started to snow for some extra holiday accent. Those boughs and dogwood branches are perfect, along with Junah's wreath. I'll miss your every day posts when November ends!


Your wreaths are PERFECTION! I'm going out to cut some greens from my garden today. . .


Your wreaths look wonderful (and the snow on the one!!). Fresh boughs/greens in the planter are the best - that has always been one of my favorite looks. Junah's wreath is so cheerful too - I'm glad you discovered it and hung it up!

Helen Mathey-Horn

I want to try the pinecone 'thing'. Sorry, not sure what to call it, 'hanger'? It looks sweet and if I figure it out, may show my kids and they can do it with their friends' 'littles'.


I love your variety of wreaths-especially Junah's. The front porch display appeals to my love of nature and friendship.

Margene Merrill Smith

The wreaths and bows are just the right thing and each in the right place. Junah's wreath is exceptional!

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