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Joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday...


I am working out the edging for Hexie Love (Rav link) using a couple of charts from similar (free) patterns that I found -- with enhancements by Malina!


I want to "fill in" the little dips between hexagons at the top & bottom edges of the blanket so that it ends up straight on all sides.


I've already worked a single crochet up one side of the blanket... and ripped it out. So, "unraveled" is spot-on today! Now I'm working half-double crochet up the side (but started only a couple of motifs from a corner because it's the corner and the top/bottom edge that I really need to work out. I'm not crazy with how that half-hexie looks, but I'm hoping I'll refine/improve that as I go.


I think it'll work... there's a long ways to go. This is the first of at least four rounds!


I finished Stanley Tucci's memoir, Taste: My Life Through Food, on Friday night and LOVED IT! Memoir is my genre of choice, and this did not disappoint in any way. Except that I listened to it on Audible and really wish there was a download with all the recipes.

I shared the book with Kate, and we started talking about audiobooks, memoirs, memoirs read by the author... and she told me that her friend Blair was listening to Dave Grohl's new book and loving it, even though she's not a big fan of his music.

I feel the same about the music... I wouldn't recognize a single Nirvana or Foo Fighters song... but I am aware of Dave Grohl and what a cool guy he is! When his memoir, The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music, was announced, I purchased it straight away, so that's what I'm listening to now... and LOVING IT!




Love that hexie blanket and Malina's colorful enhancements!


If you are a James Taylor fan, find his memoir (Break Shot - My First 21 Years) on Audible. It's only a couple hours long and so, so good. It tells the stories behind many of his early songs.


Malina was concerned you forgot about all the pretty colors, I'm sure.


Malina is such a helpful kid -- you wanted your pattern to actually look like your blanket, right?

Thanks for the good review of Stanley Tucci's book. My husband and I really enjoyed his show where he traveled around Italy to talk about the food, and I imagine the book has a similar feel. I'll look for it when I'm ready for my next audiobook.


I love those Malina Enhancements! I am on the waitlist for Stanley's book... and your review makes me even more eager to get it! :)


I am a huge Dave Grohl fan (way back since the Nirvana days), so I also grabbed his memoir as soon as it came out. I listened -- and it's like Dave was right there, just talking to me. :-) Seriously, it's a good memoir, whether you enjoy his bands/music or not. I think Stanley's book looks great, too -- but I think I'll pick up the actual version . . . for the recipes? (What do you think?) Love to watch your hexie-progress. It will work and you will love it! XO

Margene Smith

I also bought David Grohl's book when it was released, but I am a Nirvana fan and some of the Foo Fighter songs are good, too. Anyway, I loved listening to Dave tell the stories that make up his life. He really is a very cool guy!
The Hexie blanket looks SO good! Truly, it ranks up there with your other epic blanket projects.


Hexie is getting more beautiful with each addition. I loved Stanley Tucci's book on audible and had the same reaction, wanted the recipes. I'm going to see if the library has a copy of the paper book so I can get them. Billy Crystal's memoir on audible is read by him and it's like being at one of his shows.

Helen Mathey-Horn

Regarding the hexie 'gaps'. Janie Crow has a picture of a quilt crocheted from her pattern where the person put tassels at the points on the ends of the quilt. Not sure that link will take you there so here is this one. and dang I don't see the picture. Well, enjoy her work.

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