NaBloPoMo 2021.29
The Commonwealth of New Island

NaBloPoMo 2021.30

Thanks for all your kind words & well wishes for re-entry and the other situations around here... mostly first-world problems and, well, as my husband likes to remind me:




He shared this photo with me the other day, snapped as he arrived home from the studio (he usually walks unless the weather is bad or he's on his way to/from someplace else). I love that glow from the Garden Room right over to & on the pergola. I want more! I strung up some fairy lights in the kitchen that I'd picked up on a whim, and I soon hope to be knitting a Starry Light (Rav) or four! Soaking it up for the next few weeks as the darkness continues to grow... counting the days until it starts going the other way again. I am soaking up the lightness/light, and continuing to hope... and breathe.

Wow. That's another NaBloPoMo wrap! Once upon a time, several years ago when many other friends were still blogging and some even NaBloPoMoing along with me, my friend Terry carried that NaBloPoMo spirit through an entire year! She hasn't posted in almost 6.5 years, but she still has a blog. I'm not sure I have that in me (though it's much easier to post a photo & a short post from my phone than I remembered -- all my posts from the North Shore were done that way), but I do have more to share -- I never posted about the opening of Rusty's "New Island" exhibit, which we attended the night before we left to go north, nor as much as I wanted to share about that trip and what we did (those posts were short).

Maybe I'll see you tomorrow...




Congratulations on another NaBloPoMo! I've enjoyed reading you every day this month!


I've enjoyed all of your November posts, and especially this one. The glow is lovely, and it's also lovely to be reminded that Everything Is Going To Be All Right. Thanks for sharing throughout November!


Thank you for blogging! I look forward to hearing about your family and your creative stuff. I originally read you for your knitting and stayed for the fun of hearing about your family life.


Rusty is very wise indeed! Congrats on another November of blogging. I definitely don't have the time or energy to blog every day, even for a month, so I truly admire you for doing it! I think we can all use more light at this time of year, and I love your view of the house.


Rusty is right, of course. (And we all need someone with that voice of reason in our lives!) The glow from your lights is so warm and inviting. . . the perfect way to deal with this season of darkness. Thanks for your delightful posts . . . all through November. I've enjoyed connecting with you every day. XO

Margene Smith

That picture is magical! I have enjoyed reading every post (I hope I read every post this month) and would love to read more. I miss my blog, (because of the friends I made) but! I have no desire to post again. Thank you for being here!


What a beautiful, calming picture. And, yes, everything will be alright. I just tend to get more than a bit impatient!!! Those Starry Lights seem a little too fiddly for me (even on BIG needles!!).


oh Vicki - your home is gorgeous ... a real light in the darkness! and Congratulations on another successful NaBloPoMo!

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