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Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday... 

...and today I'm sharing three photos that I took yesterday:


Photo 1:


I have a new Airbnb helper and he is doing GREAT! He's also pretty handy with things like yard work, hanging art, and general "fixing." I told him that one of these days we'll have to pretend that our house is an Airbnb (since I don't have cleaning ladies coming to my house right now). The really great thing about cleaning the Airbnbs is that there are no "piles" to deal with. No bills, no old newspapers, no crafts... oy, the crafts. (My workroom is an unmitigated disaster, and must be dealt with soon!)


Photo 2:


Being a "typical" Wednesday, it was my day off of work, and sometimes that means appointments. Last week it was the dentist, yesterday it was the doctor... for the "annual" physical that I tend to get about every three years. I had three things scheduled -- physical, blood draw, mammogram -- and that meant three different waiting rooms. This was the "Wildflower" room and, well, isn't it just so pretty?

I was astounded that I was out of there in an hour! I think the pandemic has led to some very welcome streamlining... yeah, I'm going with that. (And most of the results are in already; so far, no surprises.)


Photo 3:


Being a Wednesday, Ali & the kids came over after dance class for supper. That little rocking horse was a gift I gave to my godson-now-boss about 40 years ago! Crazy!!




In an out of 3 appointments in an hour? That's amazing! I had my annual physical 3 weeks ago and I waited almost an hour just to be seen. Oh well, it's the stuff we have to get taken care of.


I think cleaning without piles of stuff makes it so much easier! I'm going to miss cleaning in MD when we sell the house (and be forced to come home to NJ to get rid of piles of stuff). Love the wildflower wall, efficient appointments, and Malina with the rocking horse.


Cleaning without piles of stuff... what a wonder! That is my goal for this year! Finger's crossed!


No piles would be a blessing for sure. Mammogram is on my list - I see the doctor in 2 weeks and can get my mammo prescription then. Also need to have blood drawn before the doctor visit. Finish up one thing and then there's another to be dealt with - never-ending!!


Here's hoping that medical streamlining is happening everywhere -- I have a mammogram scheduled next week!

Tell your assistant he missed a spot! ;-)


Love the collage of houses.


Oh, yes! It's definitely "the piles" that slow down any cleaning up chores for me. (That's where I lose the plot, every time.) And craft rooms . . . yikes. Talk about "the piles" . . . Glad you had a good health experience! I agree - doctor visits (and I go to PLENTY because of my Dad . . . ) in my area are MUCH more efficient and streamlined these days. That's a pandemic silver lining, I'm thinking . . . And that little Davy is getting WAY big WAY fast. XO


Everytime I clean up the piles I think "now I must keep it this way" but I never do. Every horizontal space has piles on it. It is embarassing.


I forgot , good news about test results! There isn't any streamlining here, they are getting lax about cleaning between pts. which worries me.

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