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On this day last year, we were on the North Shore of Lake Superior, and the weather was so unexpectedly mild that Kate & Ducky made the journey, too. She camped in a state park a few miles up the road, but we'd get together for hikes & meals & visits.

Flash forward... Rusty & I are headed back up in a couple of weeks and, boy, are we looking forward to a little get-away! We'd really love to see some big waves on that lake... that would mean nasty weather, but that's what a lakeside cottage, a fireplace, and some knitting is for, right? Sounds perfect to me.




Beautiful and so is your image of a lakeside cottage, a fireplace, and knitting. I hope it comes to be!


That sounds like a great trip to look forward to!


That trip sounds wonderful! I can't imagine anything cozier than knitting in a warm cottage by a lake.

Robby H.

Nothing like bad weather outside to make us feel cozy inside.


That sounds just perfect, Vicki! :-)

Margene Smith

You always have a good time at the Lake house and it does sound heavenly.


I saw a short video on the news last night of 15' waves on The Lake. One thing on my [very very] short bucket list is to stay in a cabin or motel right on the shore for the month of November. Besides watching the waves, just think of all the knitting that would get done!

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