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Whew, the day got away from me!

I knew that Randy, Ann's housepainter, was at her house yesterday so I stopped by on my way home to take a look and I am thrilled!! He was packing up as I arrived but I'm glad I caught him so he could see/feel my happiness!


He brought a friend and some scaffolding so he could get to the shingled gables and paint them "Mulberry Silk." The sky was already getting dusky when I got there, but I had to take a couple of photos. There's plenty more to do... for a reminder, here's the PLAN. We're/HE'S getting there! It's going to be so amazing when the dark "Still Water" frames all of the windows. It'll tie it all together so nicely! Randy thinks he might still have a painting day or two yet this year?




Love it! These little details bring such charm to the house!


Just lovely! That Mulberry Silk (so much more elegant than brown!) makes a big difference, and I love the little bit of blue trim underneath. You and/or Anne chose gorgeous colors, but that's no surprise given your color sense with knitting!


WOW!!! Just WOW. So pretty Vicki. I love this and I can just imagine how gorgeous the house will look when fully painted. You've got a great painter!!


It already looks so much better!


It looks just great, Vicki! (And I'm so envious. Our exterior re-do had to be put on hold until NEXT JUNE. Partly because of weather issues, partly because of staffing issues for our painter, but MOSTLY because our replacement doors are stuck on some container ship somewhere . . . ) (Oh, well. Something to look forward to.)


Looking great! Lucky you to have a great painter!

Margene Smith

The colors are unique and work so beautifully together! The painter is a gem as he does the detail work so well!

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