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Heavenly Hash

I cancelled next week's hotel reservation in Chicago. I briefly entertained the notion of not cancelling, but even a high floor at Sofitel wouldn't be balm enough.

Meanwhile, we're all rolling with the punches and moving on with holiday plans. For Kate, it means planning a holiday feast with her friends Blair & Judson (aka, Bludson), with everyone sharing their traditional holiday favorites. Thus, I had a request this morning for my mom's Heavenly Hash recipe; rare was the holiday table that this dish didn't appear, even if it was made the "day of" instead of begun the day before.


It is the world's most poorly written recipe card! One should not need to make notes such as "reserve juice," or to underline additional ingredients in the body of the recipe, or use asterisks to clarify directions. Not only are components missing from the list of ingredients, they aren't even in order!! GAH!

So I sent her the card, which she appreciated for the "archival quality" ("reserve juice" is in my hand, the larger note at the bottom is in my mom's, many spills and drips), but I also rewrote the recipe and sent it in a separate document. I'm sure it could still use some tweaking, but ohmylord, it is an improvement!

Heavenly Hash
(Begin to prepare a day ahead)

(1) #2 can pineapple chunks (20 oz.), reserve juice
½ lb. green grapes
½ lb. red grapes
½ c. mini marshmallows
1 c. sugar
1 Tbsp. flour (heaping)
4 Tbsp. cornstarch
½ c. water
(3) bananas
nuts (pecans), optional
1 pkg. Dream Whip

Cut pineapple chunks and grapes in half. Add to a bowl with marshmallows.

In a saucepan, bring reserved pineapple juice & sugar to a boil. Blend flour, cornstarch & water, and pour slowly into boiling juice & sugar. Cool. Pour over fruit & marshmallows. Refrigerate overnight.

When ready to serve, add bananas, nuts, and 1 cup whipped cream (prepared Dream Whip).




Old recipe cards like that are just the best!


I was thrilled to have my grandmother's and mother's recipe boxes, full of old cards like this! This sounds vaguely reminiscent of my MiL's Watergate Salad (a jello pudding, fruit, and Cool Whip concoction). I'm glad you and Kate are making the best of it, and she'll be sharing Heavenly Hash with friends.


That recipe card reminds me of some of the knitting patterns I had from my grandmother ... you really had to know a lot to make sense of the pattern! Thank you for that translation, but yeah, I love the original card so much!


I love recipe cards like this -- you can tell that they were well used and hold the memories of family members making the dishes!


Archival Recipe cards are simply the best! And I am glad that Kate is making some FUN plans with friends!


When my mom passed we found her old recipe box- having those handwritten cards keeps her close to my kitchen.

Margene Smith

My mother made something similar. Do you remember how we could actually find RIPE pineapples in the grocery stores! They were GOLDEN and dripping with juice. Today all we have are greenish ones you have to wait until ripened. bah


I'm another one who loves those old recipe cards. I have my Mom's. And, I make my own. I wonder if anyone will want them? But seriously, I love the stains and spills on them and the the notes in handwriting. Some of my Mom's are in pencil and are fading...

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