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Miles away

I was in the back yard this afternoon helping Rusty haul his table saw/table in & out and assisting with cutting some long pieces of wood -- inside storm windows for the Garden Room are underway! I had a moment while he "measured twice," and wandered over to my family locator sign.


It sure is getting weathered!

And it's official: Kate won't be traveling home for Christmas, which is the smart thing... but I'm still sad and mad and grumpy and pissed off at the world... and just one more reason to knit a gnome this month. Boo. Sights on April now, and later in summer for Maddy & Viv. Gotta run so I don't drown my keyboard...




You must be incredibly disappointed at the change in Kate's plans, I'm so sorry. I'd be sad and mad and grumpy about it, too, especially when we know this new wave could have been avoided.

Margene Smith

I am so sorry, Vicki! It's so tough to be away from family this time of year. Fingers crossed all will be well for travel in 2022!!


First of all, bravo to Rusty for completing the sign! And I'm sorry to hear that Kate won't be coming home after all, but maybe things will be better after the winter. I will keep my fingers crossed that all the kids will be able to visit next year.


The anchor marking your spot made me tear up a little. Beautiful.


Oh Vicki, I'm so sorry - all of this just sucks. except that sign. I hope the gnome helps.


I love your family locator sign! I got teary thinking of how much you miss your girls- I'm blessed that I saw mine in Oct. Maybe you need to make each of the girls a gnome to improve your spirits. Here's hugs for you XXXXXXX


I am so sorry about the cancellation of travel plans. Sending you hugs across the miles... it just sucks to be so far away from loved ones!


I'm so sorry to hear that Kate won't be traveling. Knit that gnome and hope for better days.


I saw Kate's post on IG, so I knew before I read this. I am so sorry. It's the "right" decision, I'm sure. But not an easy one. I hope the gnome brings you some comfort . . . XO

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