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Monday: Plan B

Well, today I was supposed to drive to Chicago to pick up Kate at O'Hare. We were going to stay at a very fine hotel, find an incredible place to eat, have a good night's sleep, and then she'd drive us home tomorrow.

Instead, she's hanging out with three dogs & two Shetland ponies for a week in Penicuik, just on the outskirts of Edinburgh, in an old converted barn. For a short time in the 18th Century there was a distillery on the premises, producing single malt scotch whisky, as well as an annual sheep market. None of that anymore, but she can see sheep from the living room couch!

Instead, I went to Milwaukee today -- to IKEA, specifically -- where the name of the game was:


And that included SWEDISH MEATBALLS, of all things... at IKEA! They were OUT -- both in the cafeteria and in the shop. I can't quite get over it.

But it was every piece of furniture I had on my list, too, and also feather "decorator" pillow inserts. Stuck in a container somewhere, I'm sure -- in a boat, on a dock, or even at sea.

Don't worry, I still managed to spend one or two or three hundred dollars! Haha. Some stuff for the Airbnb, some stuff for Christmas, some stuff for me!!

Speaking of Airbnbs, the Christmas trees are up!


I bought skinny 7' pre-lit trees and borrowed an idea I saw on Mary's blog for decoration. I think they're kind of charming.

We both had guests over the weekend because the Packers played on Sunday night, and they were all wonderful, but Cheri was at mine for her birthday, too. We never met face-to-face, but we texted a lot, and she really loved the place... going as far as saying, "...we went to Maui for my husband's birthday last month and my birthday beats his."

The football fans are downright giddy!

And in other news, I attended the girls' first dance recital yesterday!


My photos are awful, someone kept standing in front of Ginny, and there wasn't a whole lot of dancing... but it was fun and they sure were cute!!

I believe I've just finished up my Christmas shopping... still have a few quick little things I want to make, and the overseas parcels won't be going out until after Christmas, but it's all super chill (and I even have my ham ordered).

Hope you had a great weekend!




I think you have definitely made lemonade out of lemons here. Those little trees are so fun.


Your AirB&B trees are great! I love them. You seem to get the nicest people staying in your places! I was just thinking I need to get to Ikea soon (wine glasses...I break them easily, so why buy expensive ones?) - maybe I'll run over there today. I've never tried their meatballs!!! I bet that dance recital was a hoot! Again, sorry Kate won't be coming home for the holidays, but it does sound and look (IG) like she is making the best of it!


That's a bummer about Ikea being out of so many things! I love your trees and I hope the girls are loving dance class! So sorry about the canceled trip, though.


I love your trees! They are simple and effective. And I don't understand how IKEA can be out of meatballs, of all things!


The last trek we made to IKEA here was much the same... lots and lots of empty shelves. Those trees saved the day though! They are awesome!


Dance recitals! What fun! :-) And your skinny trees are just perfect. Sorry about your (not really) wasted IKEA adventure, but I'm even sorrier that Kate won't be able to join you for the holidays. (Let me know if you want my recipe for Swedish meatballs. I make them every year. . . ) XO


While the IKEA catalog always has what I want/need-the store not so much! I've learned to check stock online before I go- NO swedish meatballs!!! unheard of! Must've been all the tailgaters at the Packers game. Little girls' dance recitals are such fun-the girls are so attentive to whatever is going on- The skinny trees are perfect for the spaces. Are the cards just decor or can the guests take one? I'm sure and Kate will make up for your lost weekend as soon as possible. Darn pandemic.


You know the supply chain is broken when Ikea is out of Swedish meatballs! Sorry for all "temporarily unavailable" things, but you won with the trees. I'm extra sorry that Kate can't be home, but you are both making the best of it with Plan B.


I haven’t put up a tree in years, but I love the look of those skinny trees!

Margene Smith

The little girls!! Even if you don't have many pictures I can see how cute it would be in my minds eye! So fun. You are far ahead of the Christmas game! I am way behind on the one and only gift I need to buy! I'll be in the mall trying to fix that this weekend. GAH!


This post seems like Yays and Ughs - Yay for skinny trees with holiday words for decoration - those trees look great! little girls doing ballet. and also for good Airbnb guests. Ugh about IKEA being out of meatballs and of course about Kate being in Scotland for Christmas ...

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