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In my memories today:


It's surreal, and hard to believe another whole year has passed. It's not an anniversary I wish to celebrate, but I sure do remember... one of the sickest/weirdest stretches of days I've ever had in my life.

You might have caught a recent post on IG wherein I was sharing some gnome progress remembered this day... the beginning of a bunch o' gnomes for the kiddos (when we were finally able to celebrate together). Christmas + Covid + Knitting Gnomes will be linked forevermore!

Anyway, I am happy to have been BOOSTED last Wednesday. I was a little wiped out from that (and a bad night's sleep) on Thursday and thought I might be coming down with something on Friday/over the weekend -- even wondered if it was Covid and am I going to get it every year?? -- but thankful for a long weekend to get things done and take care of myself, too! I'm feeling much better.

This year, in addition to the MKAL Gnome (hopefully posting about that tomorrow), I'm knitting STARS!


The pattern (free on Rav) is Star Ornament by Adella Dutra and is it ever fun to knit in super bulky yarn! I happen to be using some Blue Skies Alpaca Bulky that I've had in my stash for years -- turned out to be not quite right for the type of hat Ali wanted one year, so it's just been sitting -- and I'm delighted to be using it up & making something so quick & cute.




I'm very happy that you didn't have a repeat of last year's covid, and have gotten boosted. Here's to Happy Gnome Knitting and some really cute stars!


Thank God not again. Those stars are great!! Better you than me with the gnomes...too fiddly for me.


My son's girlfriend went home to AZ for Christmas and her sister arrived not feeling well (how they let her get on a plane is a little disconcerting) and yep... she has covid.

I am so glad you are boosted and as soon as I have the second Big Foot sock done, I am back to Gnome-ing!


Okay. Those stars. (I'm forcing myself to look away. Because . . . potato chip knitting really seems to grab me at this time of year.) I'm so glad it's not another Covid Christmas for you -- and that you've now been boosted. XO


I hope the not-feeling-great was just your immune system getting its act together after your booster and by now you're feeling back to normal. Those stars look like fun. Do you have a plan for them?


That booster really knocks your stuffing out-I had that reaction too. Your stars are so pretty, will they go on a tree or hang in a window? Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.


I remember being so worried about you last Christmas, let's not have a repeat of that mmmkay? And those stars are awesome!!

Margene Smith

So happy to hear you've been Boosted! Merry, Merry to your family!

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